May 2024 Crypto Signal Results: Performance Ranking

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May 2024 Crypto Signal Results followed the cryptocurrency market growth by 20%, adding over $420 billion to its total value. This growth came after a historic March, where Bitcoin reached a record high of $73,750.07, followed by a quieter April before picking up again in May. The market’s activity was also driven by excitement around the Ethereum Spot ETF, boosting ETH’s popularity.

The different performances of signal providers showed their ability to adapt and succeed in this changing market. They were crucial in helping traders navigate all these events. This review highlights how each provider managed the month, giving insights into their strategies and success rates during the market’s fluctuations. To follow your favorite signal provider’s performance, check out the April signal results and compare them to the other provider’s results.

May 2024 Crypto Signal Results

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Crypto Signal Results (click to expand)

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1) Fat Pig Signals

Fat Pig Signals experienced significant channel growth in May 2024, attracting many new members. They focused on quality over quantity, achieving a perfect 100% win rate with only 5 trades. This careful approach helped build their reputation as a trustworthy signal provider. They offer a single channel with high-quality signals, attracting traders who prefer accuracy. Additionally, they provide valuable airdrop opportunities, often leading to significant profits for their members, boosting their appeal and credibility.

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2) Binance Killers

Binance Killers kept their top status with a high number of trades (59), though this came with more risk. Despite this, they achieved a perfect 100% win rate across all channels, including spot, futures, and high leverage trades. This wide-ranging approach attracted many traders, growing their channel to over 290k members and reinforcing their position as a leading signal provider.

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3) Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals had a strong performance in May 2024, achieving a high win rate (81%) with 42 trades. The Futures signals showed reliable strategies that attracted more members. This channel strategy allowed them to cater to traders with different risk levels and trading styles, establishing them as a strong competitor in the crypto signal market. We hope to see their spot signals back in action next moth.

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4) WallStreet Queen

WallStreet Queen impressed with a high win rate (>93%) and 30 successful trades out of 35 across their channels. Their expertise in both spot and leveraged trades led to significant channel growth. Their consistent delivery of profitable signals made them a popular choice among traders looking for reliable and varied trading opportunities.

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5) Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders (VCT): VCT Spot scored an impressive 100% win rate, while VCT Futures had solid results with a high win rate (73%), although they had more losses (12 out of 45 trades) compared to the top performers. Their channels offer a balanced mix of trading opportunities. This approach led to steady growth in their membership base, appealing to traders who value diverse trading signals.

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6) Sublime Traders

Sublime Traders excelled across the Spot and Scalp Signals channels. Both achieved a perfect win rate (100%), showing outstanding performance. Their Futures Signals channel also showed strong results, with a more than 83% win rate, leading to significant channel growth. This multi-channel success reinforced their reputation for precision and reliability, attracting a wide range of traders.

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7) CoinCodeCap

CoinCodeCap had mixed performance across their different channels. Their High-risk Signals balanced 14 wins and 14 losses, reflecting the volatility of high-risk trading. However, their Spot and Margin trading channels performed well, with an 87.5% win rate on the Spot signals and an 81.8% win rate on the Margin channel. This strategy of offering multiple trading channels allowed them to attract a stable group of followers, each looking for different types of trading opportunities.

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8) OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC‘s Bot Odin faced challenges in May 2024, struggling with a lower % win rate of 42%, compared to 58% from their April results. Despite these difficulties, their high trade volume across multiple channels, including manual and bot-driven signals, kept their membership stable. Their commitment to improving their algorithm and offering diverse trading options showed their dedication to refining their strategies and meeting their members’ needs.

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May 2024 Crypto Signal Results: Performance Ranking

May 2024 showcased the importance of reliable crypto signal providers amidst a volatile market.

Top Performers

Binance Killers and Sublime Traders Scalp Signals emerged as top performers with perfect win rates, demonstrating their expertise. Following Fat Pig, they all achieved an impeccable record, ranking them as top performers:

  • Binance Killers: Perfect record with no losses.
  • Sublime Traders Scalp Signals: Matched Binance Killers with zero losses.
  • Fat Pig Signals: Achieved a perfect win rate with fewer trades.

Strong Performers

Providers like Universal Crypto Signals Futures and WallStreet Queen also excelled, maintaining high success rates:

  • Universal Crypto Signals Futures: High win rate with a strong number of trades.
  • WallStreet Queen: Demonstrated impressive reliability with a high success rate.

Moderate Performers

Verified Crypto Traders and Sublime Traders performed well on one of their channels but with a moderate win rate on their Futures signals:

  • VCT Futures: Maintained a respectable win rate despite a higher number of losses.
  • Sublime Traders Futures: Showed commendable performance with strong wins.

Needs Improvement

Some providers, such as OnwardBTC Signals and CoinCodeCap High Risk, faced challenges, highlighting the market’s unpredictability.

  • CoinCodeCap High Risk: Balanced wins and losses, reflecting the high-risk strategy.
  • OnwardBTC Trading Bot Odin: low win rate, but overall, positive results were realized.

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