Crypto Addicts Interview
Crypto Addicts Interview

Signals Thursday #5 – Interview With Crypto Addicts


It is Thursday again (Friday, I can see you!) and in this issue of Signals Thursday we sat down with Ben, CEO of Crypto Addicts. Crypto Addicts is a legit Crypto Trading company from Belgium, which work with a fully fledged team of technical analysts. They offer a big package of crypto stuff in their subscription, from a monthly magazine, over altcoin and bitmex signals up to fund management. They work with a custom AI which alerts the traders on possible trade opportunities. From there the analysts pick up the signal and put the human flavor on it to estimate the quality. Ben took some time to answer our questions about how they work, who they are and how they are able to offer so many services for such a bargain.

SmartOptions.Io:  Crypto-Addicts is quite successful – even in this bear market. How do you manage to choose always the right altcoins? Many crypto signal channels switched over to Bitmex alone as they just didn’t make a dime anymore with trading altcoins.

Crypto Addicts (Ben): First of all, thank you for pointing this out.

We have faced great challenges in a market that was in decline. But instead of switching to Bitmex, we just added a Bitmex channel to meet a demand from some of our customers who wanted to “take advantage of the downturn”.

As a result, for the signals sent on the Binance channel, we first massively reduced the number of mid-term signals and increased all the amount of analysis. We also adapted our strategy, in order to take advantage more quickly of waves for short-term signals.

With regard to short-term investments, we have always had our own risk analysis and management techniques, and we have just stuck to it.
In concrete terms, we put on each signal a risk assessment score, which is automatically calculated according to volumes, volatility, market trends, etc. and we do not share a signal when the risk is higher than 4.2/5. This empirical technique has always been successful for us.

In addition, as soon as we receive a signal from our servers, we always analyze them manually, taking into account all aspects that a bot cannot detect before posting it. And for that, I have an incredible team with Arnaud and Julien who help me validate signals.

SmartOptions.Io: OK – let’s get it straight. How is it profitable, as a company, to offer this range of services you provide, while being so affordable? I never got why an HQ channel like yours, is such a bargain?

Crypto Addicts (Ben): We will remember that. Jokes aside, our strategy has always been to maximize customer satisfaction. Taking advantage of the crypto market should not only be accessible to the wealthiest. Many young people with a capital of less than $500 came to us, without knowledge and strategies and we wanted to help them without taking most of their capital. We have therefore opted for an affordable price that allows small capitals to benefit from our advice while maintaining a service that is always at its best. I must say that our members give it back well and our retention is much higher than on other channels we have been able to talk to. Our rule is complete satisfaction and this also involves price.

SmartOptions.Io:  Are your signals fully automated by your bot or does a human have a look over it? Tell us a bit more about the traders at Crypto-Addicts. How did they come to trading and especially to crypto, assuming they started with fx first?

Crypto Addicts (Ben): There are several steps to a signal.
– First, our server sends us a signal. This bot has been developed by several developers and our team of analysts, in order to be able to produce quality signals, taking into account all market elements that can be analyzed by a computer.
– Then, once the signal is received, it goes through human analysis. We analyze the graph, the news, the project, the BTC trend,…
– If we validate the signal, we press a send button and the signal is shared on the corresponding channels.

Regarding traders, there are 3 of us who are in charge of analysis and signals. Arnaud, Julien and I. Arnaud is a 27-year-old trader, financial and trader since the age of 18. He was indeed a trader on the classic market initially, and more specifically on FOREX. We recruited him for his experience and amazing market vision. Then there is Julien, initially a consultant in banks in the creation of risk management tools for investment funds. He is our specialist in signal strategy development, machine learning and mathematical analysis, beyond simple indicators. Then I am a sales engineer, with a specialization in finance, and a trader first for pleasure and then professionally for several years now.

SmartOptions.Io:  Can you tell us about your personal views on the crypto ecosystem? What do you think about “the bubble”, how will crypto evolve and what is the missing link for mass adaption and the crypto takeover in your opinion.

Crypto Addicts (Ben):  This is the kind of discussion we often have with our oldest customers. As I see it, the market is still very immature. Whether it is about technologies, market cap, adoption or the mentality of most of the people involved.

We did indeed experience a bubble, and from the beginning of January, we advised our clients to exit the position. The buzz around a market is often a harmful element on the mid-term, especially when we see growth as intense as that of late 2017. What is striking is the perfect structure of the BTC chart, which is similar in every respect to the theory of financial bubbles, but according to this chart, we could be at the end …

One thing is certain, the market will evolve further and many things will change. Regulations, market priorities,… will probably reduce the visibility of many altcoins, opening the way mainly to platforms. Financial markets will also have a positive and negative impact as well, bringing capital and potentially more stability, but also risks of manipulation (voluntary or not) due to the weakness of current volumes and an increased correlation compared to “traditional” markets.

But the key will be, as you rightly point out, adoption. It is about the adoption of the population, but also of companies and institutions, and the missing link is capital. It is a bit like the snake biting its tail, but until we have more capital on the market in a stable way, regulators will not be able to accept cryptos because of the risks it represents (see the SEC decision in August), and we will not be able to have a virtuous circle of adoption. Therefore, solutions such as those proposed by the Winklevoss brothers and other stable coins or fully financed fund projects are huge opportunities for the entire market.

If projects like these succeed in developing concretely, it will be a giant step towards global market adoption.

SmartOptions.Io:  Last but not least, what are your personal gems – do hold any cryptos for the long-term with no intention to sell them in the short-term?

Crypto Addicts (Ben): Haha, yes indeed. I have a weakness for cryptos active in the telco sector (such as TEL for example). Many telephone operators are attracted to diversification in mobile payment, and companies like Telcoin offer them a solution.
Then, as I said earlier, I am afraid that many alts will disappear in the coming months, and I am convinced that the majors (XLM, ADA, ETC,…) will be the big winners in the months and years to come. And since the beginning, I must admit I have a big crush on XLM. But only time will tell if I was right.

SmartOptions.Io:  Dear Ben, I know you are a very busy man – so thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions!



You can subscribe discounted to the service on this page or the bot.

  • Website:
  • Telegram Contact: Telegram Support
  • Awards: 2x Provider of the Month (September & October 2018)
  • Discount Code: SMARTOPTIONS (to be used with their signup bot or with the registration here) - Limited Offer: 35%
  • Pricing:
    Crypto Addicts Pricing
    Crypto Addicts Pricing
  • Special Features:  Strong direct support, Best Binance Auto Trader Technology, Magazine, SMART BTC Bot, Great daily Market updates.
  • Exchanges: Binance
  • Auto Trader: Yes, custom solution
  • Results tracking: To see the recent results, simply create an account. They will be visible within the dashboard.
  • Signals with technical analysis: Yes, Tradingview charts are attached
  • Bitmex Signals:  Yes, a separate Bitmex channel available
  • Further Information:  Interview with Crypto Addicts
  • ICO Reviews: Yes, in the magazine sometimes
  • Magazine: Diamond Report Example(March'19)
  • Trading Timezones:  We saw most of the trade in the European trading session, but starting early in the Asian trading session.
  • Languages:  The channels are available in English and French
How the paid signal channel looks like: 

Crypto Addicts Signup Currently even a 25% discount code:  SMARTOPTIONS

You can subscribe discounted to the service on this page or the bot.


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Steve McKenzie is Crypto Investor, Enthusiast and Trader since Mt. Gox ages. He was hodling through bull runs, bear markets, and has seen bubbles grow and bubbles pop. Well-connected in the world of Fintech he loves to review Crypto Signal groups on Telegram - the good, the bad, the ugly. He reviews the technical analysis, fundamental analysis, the risk/reward ratio and if the channel is giving you the best bang for your buck and tries to save others from signing up with scammers. Legendary Posts: The Best Crypto Signals on Telegram | The Best Bitmex Signals on Telegram

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