Crypto Trading Signals on Telegram
Crypto Trading Signals on Telegram

The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram

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Crypto Signals for Altcoins – What to consider – What to choose. Infos, Reviews, Results & Discounts (Version 5.0.5- last update 04/01/19)

The Best Altcoin Crypto Signals Providers

Best Providers Average Accuracy
1. Universal Crypto Signals 95.3%
2. InfoCrypto 87.32%
3. Verified Crypto Traders 84.21%
4. Fat Pig Signals 82.24%
5. Cryptomedics 80.84%
6. Crypto Addicts 79.66%

If you don’t know how to trade, but still do day trading, you will likely see yourself losing your hard-earned Bitcoins. Day trading crypto is not meant as a gamble, so you should not use it like one. In the search for guidance many new traders end up in several telegram channels – and it worsens their situation way too often. We selected a small group of providers for cryptocurrency trading signals and put them to the test – in the most unstable times! Let’s see how they did.


When we first published this post in Autumn ’17, cryptocurrency trading was quite a bit different. Things are moving and evolving and so are we. This post gets very much attention and is hopefully help for searching people – it shall be a guide on not to step into a shit pile, but to start out with the right cryptocurrency signals group by our side. As this post became so popular, we feel that we are responsible for monitoring all these groups to make sure the quality remains and provide value to you guys. We will add a new group from time to time, and we might remove groups for several reasons. We are constantly updating a history record at the bottom of the list. Please be assured, we take this post and our responsibility seriously and maintain it actively – we want to guide you to avoid the common pitfalls and present you only the best crypto trading signals with these providers.

Please note that these offer mostly Bitcoin trading signals, so you are going to trade altcoins against Bitcoin and not USD. All listed groups are focused on Altcoin trading signals. We have often been asked about the cryptoping bot or cryptoping app for automation, though we never used their service and some of the listed channels are known for Pump and Dump – this post shall remain about the best crypto signals telegram group (s) alone. Also, we got some requests if there is any special cryptocurrency trading software one might need. You can use the charts by Tradingview (which provide live cryptocurrency signals as well, but only algorithmic ones, that lack of human eye/brain confirmation) if the charts by your exchange suck, but I don’t think you need any more than that. Also, there is some crypto-signal GitHub; we might have a look into later on. Sadly, we did not find any crypto signals app in our research, which we would vouch for. We collected here a very small hand-picked selection of the best cryptocurrency signals available – these groups are our diamonds in the rough, as a sea of low-quality providers surrounds them. Crypto Signals Telegram – a tough topic where you should remain skeptical. However, you always should do your own research. Safe trading!

What do we want to trade today?

Binance Signals Telegram: First off, you want to decide if this post is for you. There are different ways to trade:

a) you can purchase crypto currency coins or tokens for the long run, just buy and hold them for a broader timeframe. This is more an investment than trading. You will find crypto signal groups in this post that will offer this additional, but mostly this post is about day trading tokens/coins.

b) you can trade cryptocurrency coins or tokens for short to medium terms, which means you buy undervalued or outbreaking assets, hold them until a projected target price has been hit and sell them against Bitcoin, USD or Tether. This post is about precisely such groups, which analyze the Bitcoin and Altcoin markets and provide you with suggestions on what to buy, at a particular price, and when to sell it again. You will use exchanges like Binance, and the only way to profit is at an increased price of the purchased asset. This post covers only Binance, Kucoin, and Bittrex signals telegram channels.

c) you can use a mercantile exchange like Bitmex to day trade Bitcoin and few other altcoins. Here you can long (you anticipate an increasing price), or you can go short (you anticipate a decreasing price), which means you can trade bi-directional and profit from price movements in both directions. Additionally, you can leverage your trades up to 100x, which increases the risk significantly but also the gains can be much higher. We prepared another post about crypto signals for Bitmex, but some providers also issue this kind of leveraged signals as an add-on.


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. Do not make investment decisions based on this informations. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and never let anyone trade your account for you. We do not support or advertise Fund Management in any kind of manner. We solely review signal providers, their work/analysis/provided education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

Constantly Updated Post

As this post gets much attention by our valued readership, we provide regular updates about the listed channels. Also, we stay in each of these channels to ensure they maintain the quality that made us list them. If we don't have access to these channels anymore, the quality drops significantly or something shady happens, we will delist them from this post immediately. The ranking of the providers is based on several factors like accuracy, the provided support, risk management, customer perception and more. You can rate for the services in their particular posts wiht the comments sections. Join our Telegram for the chance to win a Customer Insights Review seat.


Our Hand-selected List Of Altcoin/Binance/Bittrex Crypto Groups On Telegram

We did and are still doing deep research and on reliable groups and found a handful of honest crypto signal providers that know what they are doing – and these we want to present you in this post. Some of them also provide crypto trading signals for free (with an appetizer channel), but the lion’s share of crypto signals are presented in the paid channels.  As this post is only about providers that make use of a group or channel on telegram, you won’t find a review about any Android or iPhone apps. We tested a few but they all have been lousy, and the quality of the cryptocurrency signals was pretty bad.This post is only about unleveraged cryptocurrency signals offered on Telegram.

If you search for

Ok, let’s get this started and trade some cryptocurrencies for profit. We are members of all paid channels listed here to check the quality remains and will remove a group once they should turn bad. We check the performance of these channels monthly (Link to Performance Tracker in the head of this post) to visualize for you the historical data and consistency. Our carefully hand-selected list of crypto signal providers could make you some excellent returns if you follow the suggestions accordingly – staying with the crypto signals of these channels we make money trading cryptocurrencies – just by set and forget.

However, as always – please do your own research. Trading altcoins is risky, as you likely trade them against Bitcoin – so if Bitcoin makes strong moves, you can trash your fundamentals and technical analysis often and you will have to sit it out – no matter if its a Bitcoin Cash or an Ethereum Classic. There are tons of crypto trading signal groups on Telegram, and we do our best work possible to present you the best of the pack. We continuously check the performances, remove providers and add new channels, so best to subscribe to our Telegram or Twitter channel to stay updated.

Please keep in mind that all the groups use their own cryptocurrency trading strategies. As the bitcoin trading hours are around the clock without limitations, you should get crypto signals in all time zones. Some of the providers offer a cryptocurrency investment fund, but we did not check it – please be aware. Some are more focused on long-term and show you the best altcoins to invest in; others are more in for short-term alt coin trading. We mentioned it in the post. The best trading platform for cryptocurrency trading is Binance in our opinion, but Poloniex and Bittrex are also quite popular.

Some of these channels allowed us to share a few of their signal from time to time.
Be sure to get into the SmartOptions Telegram channel to get them:

The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 1

#1 Universal Crypto Signals

+++ Crypto Signal Provider of the Month!
Highest Success rate and Auto Trader Support+++

(added 03/2019)
~ Trading Signals for Binance and Bittrex | Margin Trading available | Auto Trader~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Say hello to our latest addition: Universal Crypto Signals. I was soo damn skeptical at first, but we put a secret shopper into their channel and he confirmed the insane results.  The review of this signal provider has his own page, where we added the customer review and also the other clients can rate this channel.

Provider of the Month
Provider of the Month

Universal Crypto Signals / BitMEX Saviour has been recommended to us by a reader of our community. He was literally angry at us for having not yet written about them, and yeah, I get it somehow why.  Great Bittrex/Binance signal channels are pretty rare. Binance/Bittrex Signal channels with ultra-high accuracy even more. Extremely accurate altcoin AND BitMEX signals are almost impossible to find (still we located the top channels for you on our site).

Universal Crypto Signals has it all and costs less than taking your girlfriend out to the movies. I mean, yeah when the bulls are at the table, everybody can shine like Warren Buffet and tell you about their God-given talents. These bear times – they are putting the gems from the crap apart. And we with these guys we might significantly increase our stack while dreaming of the next run.

The Signals

Universal Crypto Signals by Saviour are split into three channels:

  • Binance / Bittrex Channel (Altcoin Signals)
  • BitMEX Swings
  • BitMEX Scalps

Saviour makes use of the Cornix trade replication bot and another API solution for full auto trading. One thing I liked very much about this channel is a thing I observed very often: bad/missing marketing + excellent trader. It is like finding a rough diamond, which most folks would not pay attention to and falsely rate as a glass shard. I observed the troll box for quite some time now and there are quite some gamblers to be found, I assume due to the cheap price. They are trying to push him for more, more. morecrypto signals and while Saviour keeps cool like a rock in the sea, he suggest some trades here and there, but never, really never rushes into an “official trade”. People trying to squeeze a signal out of him, get most replies like “wait, not safe now – I cannot enter anything”. What makes Saviour very special is his view on the market. I assume his technical analysis is kept relatively simple, but he does one thing many signal providers do not: his crypto signals consider the entire crypto environment, instead of just what the charts are printing – and this gives him an edge over many other traders. I personally think the main reason for his success is, that he considers the market cap development against the charts. Example:

The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 2

If, for example, the technical analysis gives him a short signal, but the market cap is increasing, he stays out of the markets until both factors align with each other.

One thing to mention for the Bittrex & Binance signals: Depending on the market situation, there is often no stop-loss. This looks pretty dangerous to some, though I had a close look at this one: Saviour makes this depended on the current Bitcoin situation. If Bitcoin gives him the impression that it might drop, he gives a stop loss. If he thinks it is stable and provides a safe environment for alts to develop their price action, he prefers to leave it without. It is a bit of a walk on the edge and surely this gives him a very easy game to generate good looking stats. On the other hand, I can’t say that Saviour doesn’t make use of stop-loss in a loose or unreliable way – it is a dynamic way and his success proofs him, his customers are raving over their growing accounts. I have to pull off some points for risk management here. If stops are given, they come with a very reasonable risk:reward ratio of four to five percent. Difficult to decide. It seems, though, he closes failed signals with the Cornix bot for his customers manually (publishes S/L once sentiment has changed), so the customers likely won’t ride into deep loss.

In January we had 46 Altcoin signals. 42 crypto signals hit at least the first target and 4 got stopped out. They altogether created a possible maximum gain of about 1300% (Always remember that these gain percentages are virtual figures to give an impression about win ranges and have only limited meaning for your real account growth.) Impressive: If you scroll back to the aggressive bear phase of March/April ’18 you will see a big phat win streak: 178 won signals in a row. ‘-‘

Signal Example

The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 3

Please have a look at this very nice altcoin signal above and how precisely the targets have been defined up front (the last target did not fill for some folks, so he didn’t mark it as cleared in the tracker). This is a great example for a trade where a trailing stop plays out perfectly and enables you to reap the full range of profits. The Cornix bot makes it easy to configure that (well, not that easy, but at least it makes it possible).

The Results

The results shown by this service have been overall very positive. You need some kind of trust into Saviour’s skills sometimes, but he knows what he does. The unleveraged altcoin signals can take some time to develop sometimes, but most of the time they explode very fast and they are there, in front of your eyes, as sharp as in Ultra HD. Most of his crypto signals hit much faster than the Binance signals from other channels, so your capital is not bound too long on one place, though if we wanted to take full profit, we’d need to stay in a trade sometimes for two weeks and more, so the altcoin channel by Saviour is a kinda “patience pays” one if you want to reap the full profit available on each trade. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, it can give the right learnings for the own trading career if just followed and the first targets hit very fast – much faster than other people’s Bittrex and Binance signals.

He surely scans the sea of altcoins and detects early where the money pumps in slow and steady, so the majority won’t recognize. To me, he made unleveraged trading fun again. The only big drawback I see with Universal Crypto Signals is the thing with the stop loss. Risk-averse traders might enter such positions with shivering fingers. For cool guys, that don’t play emotions here, it is a very cool ride with much profits to be made.

The Support

The support is provided in a separate chat room by Saviour. Especially as I observed much rude talk recently in other chats, I was happy to see how calm and friendly he kept with his customers. He is constantly working to advertise the right trading attitude and gives interesting insights into his view on the charts (and additional information he uses to source the signal). However, don’t expect advanced trading courses and the big bells and whistles here. He provides a good support for his trades, updates his community with current support and resistance levels and gives insights in his trading style from time to time.

The Critique

Saviour knows how to navigate his followers through the wild waters. His crypto signals are very well – this both bullet points have been covered to exhaustion now. What we did not like was the way to market his channel on the free channel. Surely, he provides some of his valuable signals there as well for free, but you will face cross promotions (Update: the channel stopped that) and have the look and feel of the classic pump and dump channels like from 1-2 years ago. I assume he just doesn’t know it better – and at first, it really turned me off and I left the channels as per our quality guidelines. However, his picks have been outstanding over a long course of time, so I went back to observe the language in the chat he uses etc . to get a better impression. He really seems like an honest person to me, who is not super hungry for membership fees. My personal guess is, he designs the stuff as he sees it with other channels – and this puts him into a bad light without a reason. My suggestion: no cross-promotion (done!), less hype, and big words – that would make a much better impression


Universal Crypto Signals is a great channel, we can recommend. The owner is not greedy with the fees, and has shown a fundamental knowledge when it comes to Altcoin and leveraged Crypto Signals. His hit rate is one of a kind and will be hard to beat for other channels. The only thing I miss would be a technical analysis for the customers. He doesn’t throw out crypto signals like a mad man but knows exactly when to become active and when to sit on the hands. The marketing of the channel is a catastrophe for sure. Update: The cross-promotions stopped! He is so much better than doing cross promotions in his free channel and I hope he recognizes it one day that he downgrades the perception of his own quality work by doing it. Furthermore is left to say, that Saviour is not a man of much words, don’t expect a wall of text if you ask him something. Precise and helpful replies yes, long explanations – forget it. If you can deal with it and would like a fantastic hit rate in exchange for burger money, Universal Crpyto Signals is the way to go.

Please find more unbiased reviews here


Enroll with Universal Crypto Signals

Please contact @cryptosaviour by Telegram to enroll. Discount code: Use the discount code SMARTSAVIOUR for 5%.

  • Website:  In Progress
  • Telegram Contact: and
  • Discount Code: SMARTSAVIOUR (5% off)
  • Results Tracking: Altcoin results sheet on Google Docs | BitMEX results on Google Docs
  • Features:
    1. Daily 1-5 HIGHLY ACCURATE signals as per market conditions
    2. VIP chat group for members
    3. Portfolio advise and Personal Support
    4. Crypto News, Special Information
    5. Trading Strategies
    6. Hidden Gems
    7. Short, Mid, Long Term Signals
    8. Semi-automated and Fully Automated Trading
    9. Dedicated BitMEX Premium Channel with great accuracy ( separate Channel)
    10. BitMEX Dedicated Premium channels for Swing and Scalp Trades and All Trades with great Risk Management
    11. Upcoming Features: 1. Margin Trading on all alts available on binance 2. Confidential report
  • Pricing and Plans:
    • Plan A. Semi-automated Altcoin Premium Price: 1. $66 one month | 2. $171 three months | 3. $306 Six Months | 4. $540 one year
    • Plan B. Fully Automated Altcoin Premium Price: Plan A + $234/year ($25 per month)
    • Plan C. Semi-automated Margin Trading Premium Price: 1. $81 one month | 2. $199 three months | 3. $351 Six Months | 4. $621 one year
    • Plan D. Fully Automated Margin Premium Price: Plan C + $270/year ($30 per month)
    • Plan E. Semi-automated Altcoin + Margin Premium Price: 1. $120 one month | 2. $295 three months | 3. $484 six months | 4. $900 one year
    • Plan F. Fully Automated Altcoin + Margin Premium Price: Plan E + $300/year ($35 per month)
  • Auto Trader: Cornix: Semi-automated + Fully Automated Both (Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, BitMEX)
  • Special Features / What makes the channel unique: High Accuracy, Fast Target Achievement, Automated Trading on Binance/Bittrex, Fully Personal assistance and learning activities through VIP Trollbox, Hidden Gem Signals
  • Exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, IdEx , Huobi, Kucoin, and some Hidden Gems on other exchanges.  Also Dedicated Premium channel For BitMEX signals with high accuracy
  • Signals with technical analysis (for manual entries): Yes on Demand. Full Support about Analysis and Educational activities in Chatbox/Trollbox
  • Trading Timezones:  24 hours
  • Free Channels: (Warning: Cross Promotions!) and
  • How the paid signals channel looks like:
Enroll with Universal Crypto Signals

Please contact @cryptosaviour by Telegram to enroll. Discount code: Use the discount code SMARTSAVIOUR for 5%.


Trusted Signal Provider
Trusted Signal Provider

Infocrypto Signals Channel Review
Infocrypto Signals Channel Review

#2 Infocrypto

+++ Crypto Provider of the Month two times in a row! Affordable Altcoin Signals with High Success rate and Constant BTC Analysis+++

(added 03/2018)
~ Trading Signals for Binance and Bittrex | Bitcoin Analysis ~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Infocrypto is a crypto signals channel which is featured in our “Best Crypto Signals on Telegram” shortlist for a very long time. In fact, InfoCrypto is listed for exactly a year now and this is like multiple years in crypto-time. So many channels had to go over time, as they couldn’t keep up with our high-quality standards in the long run – but these Brazilian guys are just kicking it. They always have been within the most accurate channels we’ve seen and have been Provider of the Month twice in a row.

When we stumbled upon this channel, we have been pretty happy – it is a yet unknown underdog and provides a GREAT value for the subscription fee. Infocrypto is a bilingual channel (English/Portuguese) by a Brazilian trader group, and they do outstanding work. We tested them in the bear market, and they have shown a consistent high accuracy performance with their crypto signals. Furthermore, we found that the extra channel for BTC analysis is one of the best Bitcoin signals telegram channels right now, and we used their analysis quite a few times as Bitcoin trade alert to scale in and out – they are an excellent Bitcoin signal indicator and also offer free bitcoin trading signals in their public channel. The complete offer by Infocrypto reads as follows:

  • Altcoin Signals (fantastic results, even in the bear market!)
  • BTC analysis (strength – the analysis I read was spot on)
  • VIP CHAT with members
  • Personal Support and Portfolio Advice
  • See some more features of Infocrypto here:
The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 4

Many extra bots, which can be used for extra trades (like a bot that measures current volume changes on altcoin pairs and alerts you if a suspicious pattern comes up)

The Signals

Infocrypto provides their crypto trading signals often in a technical way. You will get a screenshot of their technical analysis and find the entry points and targets within. This is also of educational value and shows they are not copying any crypto trading signals but provide precise footwork they made themselves. They often use Heiken Ashi and Ichimoku clouds as an indicator. Infocrypto offer a separate channel only for Bitcoin Analysis, so you get very, very frequent updates about Bitcoins recent moves and how a pro trader would interpret it. Have an example here:


Infocrypto signals are very high probability trades. They have proven this month by month and ended rarely below the ’80s, percentage-wise. In this in the worst times to trade altcoins on Binance and Bittrex. They don’t go for mooooon targets, but reasonable slow and steady account increasing targets. Very down-to-earth and therefore very successful. Impressive: even if they use stop/loss most often with a decent Risk:Reward ratio, the hit rate is phenomenal.

Infocrypto delivers between 30 to 40 Altcoin signals per month, and get rarely stopped out more than 5 times, so they play a really safe card here.
Their crypto signals have been golden – I had not one loser in my test period. Besides the altcoin trading signals, there have been several Bitcoin and informational updates along the way. If one has been keen to do so, yeah, you could have used them as BitMEX signals. The bear market cycle had a strict hand on us, and still, they have been successful. What has been helpful in this situation, was the given technical analysis and the lessons on how to stagger your entry on the buy levels.

The Crypto Trading Bots

Infocrypto offers lots of telegram trading bots with helpful pointers. The Bots scan the markets for several indicators like MACD, Ichimoku and RSI and inform if they signal overbought/oversold areas. This takes lots of screen time from you. Here are some screenshots.

Signals Example

The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 8
The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 9
The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 10

This ENJ signal played out exceptionally well. Prior to the signal above they advised to accumulate ENJ in the 750s and hold it. Later on, the signal came in the 900s. The targets have been relatively low at the beginning and achieved in one go, but Infocrypto saw the storm brewing and advised to hold it for above the targets, updated the strategy for this coin and its special situation. This way they managed it to have an exceptional success.

And here is how it has turned out on the chart, it literally exploded:

The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 11

The Support

I had a great support person in a direct line a hand and got severe and reliable answers. The chat room was not too helpful for me, as the conversation was mainly in Portuguese in the past. However, this has changed now and the conversation is in English. On top of that, Lalo and his team are always around and very friendly/helpful guys.

The Critique

Frequent Bitcoin updates, lots of useful bots, and winning crypto signals even in the worst markets. Cannot complain actually. However, there are few things to consider: You don’t get that many Binance signals and such an insane hit rate with very large targets – the targets are relatively modest, hence they are easily reachable. The plain amount of crypto signals suggest to make use of an auto trader, to reap the full potential of a subscription with Infocrypto, though it is not available.

What makes this channel unique? 

Even in the dirtiest market action, Infocrypto delivered great successful. They are here for a long time, we never heard a single complaint about their services and their renewal rate is very high. Their analyst breathes bitcoin charts, and can’t stop pushing analysis for it. To us, one of the most underrated channels – cheap and full of value! A true sleeper hit. Furthermore, we are beta-testing their upcoming bot, which is about to be released really soon. The great results they had even in the most bearish environment might become even better with the help of it. They are working on tons of bots right now, a few have been already released and gave already results. One example: the volume bot, which scans several exchanges and the volume behavior on trading pairs – this can give hints about upcoming price increases and provided very good results so far. Great work!


InfoCrypto is a no-brainer to me – they stood the test of time and staying profitable that much in these times, speaks tons about their quality, not to mention the very precious Bitcoin updates, which help to scale in and out. The crypto signals for Binance and Bittrex are very good and come with a high probability. However, the targets are often not as wide as they could be. The amount of Binance signals is high, so if you like to trade a lot, this is for you.

Find more Rating Data Here

Fact Sheet for INFOCRYPTO

Infocrypto Please contact @infocryptobr by Telegram to enroll or use their website to subscribe conveniently.

  • Website:
  • Telegram Contact:
  • Discount code: Use the discount code SMARTOPTIONS for 15%.
  • Plans & Pricing:
    • 1 Month: $99
    • 3 Months: $280
    • 6 Months: $530
    • 1 Year: $990 (all prices shown without smartoptions discount)
  • Auto Trader: Yes, Cornix and Profittrading App
  • Special Features:  Many Bots, Extreme Accuracy, Special Bitcoin Analysis channel.
  • Exchanges: Bittrex / Binance
  • Signals with technical analysis: Yes, Charts are attached
  • Results tracking: Verify their great results in their Results Tracking Channel
  • Bitmex Signals:  Yes, their strength is BTC analysis and they present their analysis often to enable you to trade it on Bitmex
  • ICO Reviews: No / Rare
  • Further Information: Interview with Infocrypto
  • Trading Timezones:  Infocrypto is based in Brazil, but the signals are well spread over the day.
  • Free Signals Channel: (no cross promotions,  offers sometimes free bitcoin price forecasts and a good amount of altcoin trading signals)
How the paid signal channel looks like: 

Button Please contact @infocryptobr by Telegram to enroll or use their website to subscribe conveniently. Discount code: Use the discount code SMARTOPTIONS for 15%.


InfoCrypto is a trusted Crypto Signal Provider
InfoCrypto is allowed to use the TRUSTED PROVIDER SEAL

Verified Crypto Traders Signal Channel Review
Verified Crypto Traders Signal Channel Review

#3 Verified Crypto Traders

+++Advanced Signal Group by Seasoned Traders offers Auto Trader & Market Updates+++

(added 02/2018) ~ Crypto Trading Signals for Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, BitMEX | Bitcoin Analysis | News | Market Overview | Auto Trader ~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Verified Crypto Traders have been around for a long time and have many experienced traders providing Cryptocurrency Signals. They have multiple Telegram channels that offer elaborate crypto news and signals by professional traders brought to you in a professional manner by a real company. We have been following their services for almost a year and are happy we joined them – we did not waste our time here but can confirm, that you will find some real pro traders to take you by the hand.

Verified Crypto Traders are providing well-thought crypto trading signals, as well as the critical news and updates. This is way more than just a simple signal group on telegram – Verified Crypto Traders is a valuable source for what’s going on in Cryptoworld, along with their bearish/bullish weather reports (example in this post) that give you an overview about what is happening and what to expect coming on this day. The accuracy of their crypto signals is astonishing. Here are some of their main features:

  • Team-picked Crypto Trading Signals.
  • Highly informative coin recommendations based upon and displayed as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and market sentiment. Plus you will receive many important market and news updates for these picks.
  • Short, medium, and long-term buy signals released to you hours before it is ever announced to our free channels.
  • Explanatory chart calls.
  • Detailed information about exciting ICOs. Including access to private sales
  • Bitmex Signals (separate channel)
  • Web portal
  • Exclusive Webinars
  • Auto Trader for Altcoin and Bitmex Signals that connects via API to your account and executes the trades for you

In our test period, we have been able to confirm all the points above – you get what you are paying for. In the channel by the Dutch company (here to be verified), the signals they give are very well explained, fundamental and technical analysis-wise. The big difference to many other channels is that Verified Crypto Traders is a real company, paying taxes in the Netherlands and they step up the legal game in this space. Every step they take is verified and legitimate, so you can be sure they are a legally liable company. The team we chatted with has been knowledgeable, open and friendly. Right now they are claiming their way to top, becoming one of the best pump-n-dump-free crypto signals channel. Over the course of the last months after their listing here, we are happy to confirm that they have had great accuracy with their cryptocurrency signals. Recently they have been featured in the Dutch TV:

The Signals

Even if the bears took control already, they have been able to find some of these juicy altcoin trades. The volume of altcoin signals surely decreased due to the current market sentiment, but there is still some money to be made with the right guidance, you just have to be very selective.

The thing with Verified Crypto Traders is that they don’t post signals every day, as they are very selective about what they post, and very cautious giving traders the best probability of success.  You will get daily updates and technical analysis on Bitcoin, ETH, and the likes, plus all critical verified news, but the cryptocurrency signals will come how they find them. They don’t stress themselves but post only the A++ ones. If you are more of a gambler with a short attention span, this might not be for you.

The selection of the recommended trades is based on analytical decisions here. They trade in the markets mostly if the technical analysis aligns with strong fundamentals. They don’t have one single trading system but are a network of many traders with many styles. This diversity results in a top-notch performance. Some of their analysts have a Forex background, some trade the trends and others more the oversold prices – the approach is very diverse. VCT does not limit the cryptocurrency pairs they are analyzing and trading. If you are into reliable mid to long-term trades with real impact instead of a few satoshis profit, this is the way to go.

Signals Example

As I wanted to show this great example, I went back to the chart history to show off and proof these outstanding results.
And here’s the outcome –  target 1 to 4 cleared in the middle of the crypto ice age:

Lun Trade Signal Results
Lun Trade Signal Results

The Results

We followed two crypto trading signals when we tested, both of them made us nice profits within an overall messy situation. Mega profits came in. Until today we trade almost all of their signals. In regards to the background info, you will get the following info when a signal has been issued: The fundamentals, the consideration, the call logic – these steps make you learn more and more with every call if you take the time to understand what caused the call a call. Please note that this crypto signal channel is a mixture of educational content, news content and professionally analyzed signals, explained along the technical analysis behind. You won’t get dozens of crypto trading signals per day, but you will get a few outstanding ones, and an explanation of why they issue this signal. This is a channel for people who want to learn something and widen their horizon.

They also offer PDFs from time to time with an even more detailed explanation of why a trade has been suggested. Also worth to mention if you want to learn to trade: Verified Crypto Traders also offers online training and courses for technical analysis, besides their signals. Their webinars teach things like support and resistance/trend line, scalping, and other basic charting knowledge as well as advanced trading methods. Even in the hardest times they provided pure quality and have consistent success for months now. They know how to play their cards well – in difficult times they provide extra opportunities like very well researched ICOs, which they organize the pooling to get you some extras from the seed sale phase, which usually only the big boys get.

Their Crypto Group evolved very much within the last year. New traders have been added, and they started with Webinars, Trading Courses and a portal that grows day by day. There is also a tracker for all their signals, so you can verify the outcome live and always stay informed – very transparent. Furthermore, it includes a complete social network for Crypto Traders.

Over the last few months, the Verified Crypto Trading guys are ramping up the signals game! The first channel we ever met that offers a live trading account for their customers! They put their own money where their mouth is and record trades of their own and share the videos, so you can learn to scale in and out. VCT took this step to provide greater transparency and to enable you to follow the moves. All other signal services/educators never would be able to provide as much and only do paper trades. They added live trading, so you can take a look over the shoulder of the traders. Also, please have a look at their sophisticated Auto Trader for Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex, and Bitfinex.

The Support

I got a direct support person, which I was able to ask everything and got good answers. They know what they are doing. They are also always around in their VIP chat to support members. As their team is pretty big, you won’t be alone if you need help. In fact, they offer now a 24/7 support team, available on the live chat on their portal as well as in their chat room. While the support will help you to solve your issues with the bot and other trading related questions. I have to say it is not always a friendly, welcoming kind of support.

The Critique

The chat room is sometimes restrictive with rules, the tone sometimes a bit harsh. Customer complaints have been deleted, a customer support culture we don’t welcome and actually think Verified is better than that.
The bot works great and has a great tech engine, but needs to be configured properly. Pay attention to your settings, when using it.

What makes this channel unique?

Verified Crypto Traders project is a very unique approach to building a complete solution for crypto investors and traders. They offer live trading (which nobody else does), webinars, great support and especially their auto trader for Binance and BitMEX makes them stand out very much.  This is so much more than buy and sell instructions!


Sign up with the Verified Crypto Network

Discount Code: VCTSOVIP1 (5% discount)

  • Official website:
  • Discount Code: VCTSOVIP1 (5%)
  • Plans & Pricing: Please check the website for the current pricing.
  • Special Features: Full Auto Trader for Binance and BitMEX, Several Traders, Special Platinum Service
  • Awards: Provider of the Month January '19
  • Exchanges: Markets on Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kucoin and BitMEX.
  • Auto Trader: Yes (Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitmex)
  • Results Tracking: Tracking Dashboard
  • Signals with TA: Yes, Tradingview charts are attached
  • Bitmex Signals: Yes, separate Bitmex Channel (review here)
  • ICO Reviews / Seed Sale Opportunities: Yes
  • Trading Timezones: VCT has been smart when hiring their traders, and took care that they have for every timezone.
  • Further Informations: Interview with VCG
How the paid crypto signal channel looks like: Sign up with the Verified Crypto Network

Discount Code: VCTSOVIP1 (5% discount)


Verified Crypto Network is a trusted Signal Provider
VCT is allowed to use the TRUSTED PROVIDER seal

Fat Pig Signals
Fat Pig Signals

#4 Fat Pig Signals

+++Bear Market Resistant Binance Signals+++

(added 11/2018)
~ Binance Signals| Portfolio Analysis | News ~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Fair Warning: Fat Pig Signals do not come with bells & whistles. They don’t sell you a well-decorated tiny piece of meat on a noble looking plate – here you get a juicy steak like Grandma did, though from smart guys, which know how to bring that bacon home! We tested Fat Pig Signals in the worst bear market. Bitcoin just destroyed the 4K support and the markets tanked like if they were searching for pearls on the ground of the Mariana Trench.  Sure, right now there is an Alt Season, but when I started to monitor their trades, was a phase where the most left and right collected stop/losses as if they were stamps. To be honest, I am still puzzled how they do it – but in times, where you start the Binance app and see more blood than on a Butcher’s table, these guys have their trades running in the few assets which show green. Fat Pig Signals slaughter their way to the bear market – and by the way, their chat alone is so funny, it is worth the membership fees (for friends with a more rough kind of humor, though). This, by the way, is great to have here – the admins spread much knowledge there and you can extract great extra trades from time to time.

The Offering:

  • Binance signals with great risk management
  • News updates
  • Portfolio management (mid & long-term)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Friendly chat and well-versed team
  • Their signals flowed like the video below

The Signals

The signals come plain and simple here, always with the appropriate technical analysis attached. In September we saw a nice 100% trade, which could have even become a 200% trade if we’d hold it for more ($XRP) – these guys catch those movers and have a great hand for the right picks. This is not a fluffed up service with tons of features. They bring what they are paid for: successful binance signals – and boy, they delivered even in the worst markets. These signals are priceless in the current markets and checking their long-term history, one can see that they really know what they do. Since September they showed a long-term consistent accuracy of 82.84%, tendency rising. Most often they aim for targets in the 25% range. Their community values their accuracy and praises them a lot in the very active chat room, where one can spot many additional setups.

Signals Example

Trade for GO/BTC
Trade for GO/BTC

Well, this is going to be interesting on the chart, as this trade became a 154% trade, and that while BTC was shitting the bed. GO even didn’t stop there and went much higher in the coming days, but hey, I don’t complain about a 154% profit in the worst market conditions.

Go Trade on the Chart
Go Trade on the Chart
The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 17
Market Update by Fat Pig Signals

The Results

Fat Pig Signals are able to deliver results.  Recently we see accuracy rates between 90 and 100%, but we are in good market conditions. It is more important to consider the results they have shown when everything was red, like in our test month, which ended pretty positive with around 110% profit – and that while Bitcoin headed sub 4k. What I liked very much that these AGP (Account Growth Potential) has been achieved with just around 14 trades, so they don’t overdo it with the trades, but instead select carefully the good ones. The stops never exceeded 10% loss, so they always kept a good Risk:Reward ratio in mind and the few losses have been ironed out nicely. One cannot count the many trade setups which have been posted in direct customer communication in their chat room, which is very active, but surely you can grab some education there in a loose and funny atmosphere (ok sometimes the jokes go a bit far, but it is a thing of taste, I guess).

The Support

They are always around and they maintain quite a neat big support team, and there is always someone near, willing to help. The traders are very active themselves are very active in the chat room and always around when it comes to the need for a helping hand. Customers can also request help in private messages, they are very easy and one has to ask when do they ever sleep.

The Critique

 No big critics here. They always consider the Bitcoin movement before handing out a signal, they have proper stops in place. They support their members very actively in their chat. The Risk:Reward might be considered as mediocre, though to some if you consider its ratio between target 1, the stop and the finally locked in target gains. However, this is a critique on paper and totally OK if it is their strategy which helps them to keep up with the high accuracy provided.

What makes this channel unique? 

The channel has a very unique flavor, which you cannot bring this down to a few words. They don’t feature much extras and gimmicks, they plain and simple offer rocking altcoin signals, no matter how bad the markets are. Notable is, for sure, the community they developed in their chat rooms – this is where you get their style the best. Sometimes rough (users not admins), but always very helpful and educating. They restrict their signals to coins/tokens with decent volume, which makes it easy to get in and out and also decreases the risk of getting pumped & dumped. Good research behind the trades. Furthermore, they feature a 24/7 YouTube Channel where people can see them live trading, making sure their work is unique and based on their real trading knowledge.


Fat Pig Signals offer unique work. You will never find stolen signals or anything else shady with them – an upfront, honest signal provider with a strong community, which engages you to learn in a funny environment. That being said, the received signals are always from great quality and an outstanding sign of quality is how they monitor the complete crypto market environment before they are handing out trading recommendation. The technical analysts’ knowledge consists of way more than “muh triangle memes” and to be honest, I love their “almost hidden” BitMEX signals they give as a bonus here and there. For those who complain about the Risk:Reward – it is all part of their strategy and has been proven to be consistently successful. Thing is, if you have proven track record and success rate like Fat Pigs for months and months, you can allow yourself this drawback.
All in all, Top work for a real good price. 1 Eth for three months is more than justified, if ETH drops another time like I did in the last month’s I’d make sure to get a yearly subscription at a discount. Oink.

See the Full Fat Pig Signals Rating here:

Fact Sheet for Fat Pig Signals

  • Official website:
  • Telegram Contact: @dad10 or @gangplank123
  • Discount Code:  SmartOptions (-10%)
  • Plans & Pricing: 3 months 1 ETH |  6 months 1.5 ETH | 12 months 2.5 ETH (spot conversion to BTC possible; Discount not deducted)
  • Auto Trader: Yes, Cornix Auto Trader Solution
  • Special Features: Great Community behind this service, relative safe quality signals - even in the worst bear markets, trades only in highly liquid coins to avoid risky pumps.
  • Signals with technical analysis: All signals came with a technical analysis
  • Chatroom: @fatpigtrollbox
  • ResultTracking: Constantly updated sheet on Google Docs
  • Exchanges: Binance
  • Trading Timezones: 24hrs
  • Free Channel: @fatpigsignals 
  • How the paid channel looks like: 

Trusted Signal Provider

Fat Pig Signals is a Trusted Signal Provider
Fat Pig Signals is a Trusted Signal Provider

Cryptomedics Altcoin Channel Review
Cryptomedics Altcoin Channel Review

#5 CryptoMedics

+++Power Signals, Auto Trader, Education, and a Cornucopia of Extras+++

( Added 04/2018 – Updated 03/2019)
~ Trading Signals for BitMEX, Binance and Bittrex | Education Portal | Magazine | Portfolio Analysis | Auto Trader, Bots & Tools | Bitcoin Analysis ~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

This review is not easy at all for me, as the complete offering is a Cynthia Rothrock Style Roundhouse Kick and difficult to handle in a single post. I am observing this group now almost a year, so almost since its inception and it is beautiful to see how they evolve, always progressing, never stagnating. They shared their internal roadmap with me and they tackle it point by point. So where to begin? I will split this review into three parts: Their Altcoin and BitMEX Signals Plan, their Elite Plan, as well as their one-of-a-kind education portal. Their Service is listed in both our Best Of Shortlists – for a reason. Yeah, you get great Crypto/BitMEX Signals with CryptoMedics, but frankly – the group is so much more…
Let’s dive into the world of CryptoMedics. Nurse, please!

Back in the days, one of our valued readers recommended us to check a channel, and we did that (real reader suggestions are always welcome) – it was CryptoMedics. For SmartOptions, we are always searching for the services that go the extra mile to provide something outstanding. We liked the content-rich character of the channel, so we got in contact with them and had been added to the closed beta of their premium channel, and yeah – it was different right from the beginning. While being there, we established an excellent partnership and let them release some of their valuable content on SmartOptions to give you a feeling. CryptoMedics have been actively investing in the crypto markets for a long time and observed it from different perspectives.  Their paid channels (which have been launched the 1st of May ’18) features quite some unique features and offers more than just crypto trading signals.

The channel is not just boring crypto signals with entries and targets but is also filled with useful content. You get short but helpful lessons here and there and the important news. CryptoMedics is deep in the topic about cryptocurrencies and money itself – on a scientific level. One can see that with the series “The Evolution of Money” which they contributed generously to our website.

The Offering

Basically there are two plans:

  • The BitMEX & Binance Bundle
    • Signals for BitMEX (leveraged) and Binance (unleveraged Altcoin Signals)
    • Twitch Live Streams
    • 24/7 Personal Guidance and Support
  • The Elite Plan
    • Gem List
    • Extensive Portfolio Consultation and Optimization
    • The BitMEX & Binance Bundle
    • Coin Listing Bot
    • Arbitrage Bot
    • Fundamental Analysis
    • Webinars
    • Technical Analysis on Demand in the Member Chat
    • Their complete Trading Course Portal (value: $999) is included if one takes the 1-year Elite membership.

CryptoMedics Altcoin Signals Review

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

The Binance signals are served per the Telegram Cryptomedics Bot, which manages your membership. Signals are called CTA (Call to Action) at Cryptomedics. Incoming signals look like this and are automatically updated by the bot, which is very convenient, as you have always up-to-date information. It looks like this:

BTT Signal by CryptoMedics
BTT Signal by CryptoMedics

The 5-10 crypto trading signals per week don’t look much, but it is the overall package you get here.  It is critical that traders usually tend to overtrade and CryptoMedics want to avoid this mistake for their users. The calls are very selected to only valuable ones with high reliability. The given altcoin signals (which are mostly based on a mix of technical analysis and fundamentals). Head Trader for the Altcoin department is Jakov, a seasoned crypto trader who knows his stuff very well (he published the Weekly Open Strategy on SmartOptions a while ago) – 100% accuracy months are not rare with his trades, but also his companion Alexander comes with nice altcoin trades. Two traders at your fingertips here, but there are even more for BitMEX signals.

However, the thing you are interested the most is the accuracy right? And it is very good for both kind of signals. CryptoMedics has been three times in a row provider of the month, back in the days when we calculated the profit into the results. This means they mostly trade the broader ranges and profits, but still they adopt to the markets. If they trade in tight ranges in general, they also go for scalps and take whatever the market gives them.

Often you get signals which you prolly would never have paid attention to. I have personally seen these 300% profit trades with CryptoMedics. Great picks. The fundamental trades are also rock-solid. Their particular pick from their newsletter magazine (HKN) achieved 60% in profits, for example. We get a Bitcoin analysis with every impact move and boy, these are great! They have one trader who is analyzing the BTC moves alone to update you about the market situation, and he called the drop from 19,5k to the recently touched 3k area (pay attention to the long-term analysis by their trader XHB for that!)

They had a time where they refrained from Altcoin trades but came back with double force. Right now we look at 100% accuracy months – the team did a great job. With an overall accuracy of 80.84% since September ’18, they do way more than just a rock-solid job for the Binance signals.

The signals come with technical analysis and most often with an explained reasoning right after, also the trading style (like day trade or swing trade) is mentioned. Basically, they offer three kinds of signals: 

  1. Scalps
  2. Swing Trades
  3. Planned Swing Trades

The third one of the three is all about pre-planned scenarios to play longer and bigger swings on Binance and BitMEX. You just allocate the funds, set the trades and forget about them – and one morning when you wake up and check your account – pling – trades are active and running nicely (my experience so far).

The CryptoMedics Elite Plan

The Elite Plan is the heart piece of the Cryptomedics universe and aims for the investors beneath the crypto audience. Here is everything about long-term investments. The Elite membership itself is a long-term investment. The big Cryptomedics team covers several Fundamental Analysts which dissect crypto projects on a level like managed funds would do it before they invest into something for their clients. They provide very detailed fundamental analysis’ for the projects they add to their long-term list. The Elite plan contains a very well-researched Gem list, that contains the stuff you want to buy and hold. Yeah, everyone is a gem hunter and shills dirt to the masses, but who can look back on several MASSIVE successful picks like for example ZIL and HOT (two of their gems they shared with us for publication, LONG before they had hype).  Elite Members can always request a technical analysis for the gem list to get good entry points. 

The Gem list is one thing, but when you start your elite plan, you will likely come with an active portfolio already. For Elite Members they have a Portfolio Analysis service which will go through your portfolio on a very deep level, they tell you what to kick out at which price, where to rebalance with other coins, how to buy in the gem list and help you to build a polished portfolio step by step. 

The Elite Plan also contains several bots, like a very advanced coin detector for exchanges. This listing bot pops up and tells you when a new coin is going to be listed at a specific exchange. Elite members knew it pretty early when Coinbase listed XRP for example.  The other bot is an Arbitrage bot which scans several exchanges for price differences which one could try to exploit. 

So the Elite Package is more for investors than for (day) traders, but often people catch fire once the success rolls in. OK, the Altcoin and Margin Trading plan is already included so they have the signals and could use them, but furthermore, the damn good trading course by Hendo is included in the 1-year memberships of Elite and that’s a great deal – but more on that later.

Signal Examples

Binance Signal Example

Altcoin Example (without leverage)

CryptoMedics Binance Signal
CryptoMedics Binance Signal / Stop Loss was a mistake first, has been corrected right after.

And the outcome of the signal above:

The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 18
XLMBTC Altcoin Signal by CryptoMedics

The Results

The results by CryptoMedics are doubtless good and if go carefully through their trades, you will find evidence that real pros are issuing the calls. In 95% of the cases you will find a great risk:reward like in the example above.
You will also find that each of the trader team has its own signature moves, the trades have a DNA. They respect the BTC dependance mostly and if you look the March results, for example, you will notice they go for smaller gains on their Binance trades when their analyst team smells a big destructive move, which could hurt Altcoin trades. Better safe than sorry, that could be a motto of CryptoMedics, a channel that values capital protection more than like the most. Slower but safer growth, steady growth with a great hit rate – these are the results to expect from their Altcoin & BitMEX bundle. For the ELITE package, well early members have bought HOT, ZIL, BNB to name just three at dirt cheap prices…

The Trading Course (Education Add-On)

The trading course by they Community Manager / Trader / Head of Education HENDO is very well done and covers all the important topics when it comes to trading and especially the didactics of the learning process. Here is an informational bit about the course designer:

Retired in 2017 and while being a part time trader for years Hendo decided to fully focus on trading at the end of 2017, both for the competitive aspect in trading and because of interest dating back as far as 15 years.  Armed with private mentoring from professionals he met in corporate and a clear roadmap of what educational material he wanted to take Hendo dived fully into the markets. He became profitable 2 years prior to going full time, but really started opening positions daily after initial retirement. After a year of trading he decided to “give back” through creating an educational trading course. Mostly out of willingness to help other people since he accomplished his own goals at that point. Taken from the Course Website

Here is the complete syllabus of the course:

01 Trading Mindset – 6 Videos
02 Trading Style and Risk Management – 4 Videos
03 Journaling and Improvements – 3 Videos
04 Support and Resistance – 5 Videos
05 Candlesticks – 2 Videos
06 Price Action – 11 Videos
07 Trends and Channels – 3 Videos
08 Chart Patterns – 1 Videos
09 Indicators – 6 Videos
10 Fibonacci – 2 Videos
11 Getting Started – 2 Videos
12 Putting It All Together – 5 Videos
13 CryptoMedics Webinars – 11 Videos !free!
14 Random Bits and Pieces – 5 Videos !free!
15 The Free Bits of Profitable Trading Knowledge – 9 Videos
16 Daily (and past) Market reviews and Trades – 1 Video
17 Investing

The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 19
Cryptomedics Trading Course

The videos all come in decent quality. The sound is ok, not top-notch but you understand everything without crackles and stuff. The course is put together with many powerpoint like sheets but also with live trading examples. Hendo explains much stuff directly on the charts, and this will create quite some AHA effects, teaching you what happens right in front of you.

There are several highlights within this course and also several very practical excerise which could make the money of the course back pretty fast if you apply them right. My favorite lessons of this course have been:

  • S2P4 Advanced Risk Management
  • Why don’t you use Price Action (Full strategy)
  • S12P4 Trading gains
  • Chart patterns VS Price action
  • A Beginners friendly way of entering a trade

All in all a really complete course that teaches the much more than just the basics of support and resistance. It is indeed a very good base to learn trading. But, as with every course, you have to keep in mind that you are not just a opened brain, where you can pour knowledge in. You have to view the videos, put some time into the understanding and especially the transferring. The success with this course lies in the transfer – you MUST take action and try the things you saw on your own. Support has you covered, so just use it and ask them lots of questions!

If you are interested in a well-structured trading course, register here and see if you like the freebie sessions. But carefully, don’t purchase the course right away, if you plan a yearly ELITE membership, as it is included.

The Support

Well, the support was one of the best we’ve seen in Telegram Crypto Land. Their chat rooms are pretty busy and their big and motivated team contributes to a great support service.

One of the team is always around and they are always willing to help. They are always laid back and relaxed and will give you their best advice for sure. 

What makes this Channel unique?

CryptoMedics is a unique channel, hence it is listed in both of our shortlists. They are quite different from the most you can find on Telegram as they take their job very seriously. It is an incorporated company and they do act like one. The signals are very good, no question. But the inside knowledge, the very in-depth research on projects (for their Elite channel) is one of a kind. Before they add a project to their gem list before they recommend an ICO – they often visit the projects in real life – I found that in no other channel.

Besides this great package they offer, they have one point which is very unique: their access to information, only a minority has. We can’t go deeper on this one here, but they are VERY WELL CONNECTED and can deliver news very early. One example, they posted some news about Ripple way before I was able to find it anywhere else, so one would be well-positioned to catch some great profits with the recent run-up. Another unique feature is the technical analysis on demand: you have a team of traders you can tag in their telegram channel to analyze the charts for you on an asset you define.  All in all I am really happy to be member of the ELITE club as the service pack provided is impeccable: Winning Bitmex signals, a few very selected Altcoin signals, Education all around on a very high level of quality, long-term Bitcoin updates that give you an edge for your crypto investment, technical analysis on demand, Webinars, Live Trading sessions – this is a fantastic complete package.

The Critique

While the trades by CryptoMedics are really safe shots, the targets are often set quite low. This used to be different in the past. Sure, there are trades aiming for nice profits, but the majority is in the 10-30% range. As said in the post, this happens to derisk the trades in a risky environment. As soon as the markets turn to more stable and broader ranges, this surely will change again. It is difficult to list this a negative point as you really cannot compare Cryptomedics to the other channels as they adapt to the market very much. Three month ago, when the markets have been more active, you got updates on the trades on a very special level, tweaking your profits to the max while educating you about the trades.


CryptoMedics is one of my all-time favorites. You might have figured that from writing. It is like this for a reason: I like if someone dares to do things in a different way and I value it if someone takes things seriously and therefore goes the extra mile, BEFORE recommending stuff to the public. Cryptomedics hired professional traders, that give very reasonable trade suggestions with great Risk:Reward and guidance on the way through the targets. I can#t say what fascinates me the most about Cryptomedics. I guess it is the professional way, the constant progress of the channel which makes it a completely different experience than the most you will find on Telegram. Great Calls, Great Education, A-Grade Support and Community Management, or the research that takes things deeply seriously – this is the mix I really like and value.

Their Binance Signals, are ultra successful, so they use it as a vehicle to grow your BTC stack over there, garnered with a few selected Gem buys here and there, which are mostly winners in the long run. If you want to signup for altcoin signals alone, I would consider a channel from the above. If you want to use the bear market for building a GREAT portfolio along with their fantastic and often updated gem list, the Elite membership is for you – these guys will get you prepared with the right altcoin portfolio for the next bull run.

You will have months with smaller growth and – once the markets allow it again – months with very impressive growth. And this is a good thing, as it tells us that CryptoMedics cares about capital protection in the first place.

See the Full CryptoMedics Rating here:


Crypto Signals from CryptoMedics

Or contact Damian to enroll.


  • Website:
  • Telegram Contact:
  • Discount Code: CRYPTONURSE (15% on all plans)
  • Pricing & Features:
    Cryptomedics Pricing
    Cryptomedics Pricing - Use "CRYPTONURSE" for 15%
  • Auto Trader: Yes, included in ELITE PLAN
  • Awards: 3x Provider of the Month with the best results
  • Special Features: Specialized on gems, Information the broad mass does not have, Technical Analysis on demand, Portfolio design, Education Specialist (complete Trading Course for Elite Members availalbe)
  • Exchanges: Markets on Bittrex / Binance /KuCoin / Huobi and many more (as they are specialized on gems, often also smaller exchanges)
  • Results Tracking: Sheet on Google Docs
  • Signals with technical analysis: Yes, Tradingview charts are attached. Elite members can request technical analysis on demand.
  • Bitmex Signals:  Yes, in a separate channel (read the review here)
  • ICO Reviews: Yes, the strength of the team. Some of their team are even on advisory boards.
  • Example Premium Content: HOT (HOLO)Vibe Hub| Ziliqa (Guest posts for Smartoptions)
  • Trading Timezones: The crypto trading signals have been spread well over the day, there was no special time to be determined when they arrive.
  • Further Information: Interview with Cryptomedics
  • Free Signals Channel: (no cross promotions)
How the paid signal channel looks like: Signal from CryptoMedics

Or contact Damian to enroll.



Cryptomedics is a trusted Signal provider
CryptoMedics is allowed to use the TRUSTED PROVIDER seal

Crypto Addicts Signal Channel Review
Crypto Addicts Signal Channel Review

#6 Crypto Addicts

+++ Binance Auto Trader for Altcoin Signals with High Success rate, a valuable Magazine +++

(added 05/2018 – updated 4/2019)
~ Telegram Auto Trader for Binance Signals | Binance & Bitmex Signals | AI Trades | Portfolio Analysis | Smart BTC Bot| Coin Analysis | News | Magazine ~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Crypto Addicts are listed for a very long time on Smart Options. They are one of the most progressive groups we know, always on the top of the edge with their tech and always improving, adding features and generating new ideas to source money out of crypto trading. With their really perfectly working auto traders, their Smart BTC bot for scaling and out, their AI trades and what else. They are going new ways and providing service on another level. Get addicted, baby

One of the most professional approaches we encountered so far in the world of crypto signals has been Crypto Addicts. They do an outstanding job in all fields and act like the real European company they are (Belgium – with channels in English and French). They differentiate very much from the usual crypto trading signals channels you might find, not only by the quality of their signals but also how everything is set up. Their magazine “Diamond Report” is from top notch quality and aligns with the overall professional approach by Crypto Addicts, we have the allowance to share the April issue with you, please download it here and get yourself an opinion: Diamond-Report.pdf.

At Crypto-Addicts you can find different services such as signals & market analysis, trading bots (Binance and BitMEX), the dashboard for market monitoring, news and trading (beta), and even the opportunity to participate to Airdrops.

Crypto Addicts run one of the most advanced Telegram Auto Trader Bots for Binance and BitMEX (as well as the option to place manual trades with the bot) that allow you to trade on your own signals.

The Offering

Their offer in a nutshell:

  • Binance Altcoin Signals & BitMEX leverage Signals
  • Optional Telegram Auto Trader to replicate the Binance Signals
  • AI Auto Trader to preserve your BTC value (Smart BTC).
  • A fully featured cryptocurrencies magazine, which can compete with 21Crypto and Bitcoin Bravado
  • ICO Reviews
  • A Members forum to collect valuable knowledge
  • Bitmex Signals (Special Plan needed, not covered in this post)
  • Ongoing coin reviews
  • VIP CHAT with members
  • Personal Support and Portfolio Advice
  • A unique target calculator
  • An extra Airdrop Channel

Here is their roadmap for all future developments:

The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 22

The Binance Signals

The crypto trading signals we have seen in our test period have been spot on.  In this time we traded 13 of their signals and 4 of them reached all targets, eight signals hit target 1 and 2,  two hit target 1 and retraced after that. One signal hit stop loss. The beautiful thing is that the channel actively supports you with their signals. They tell you directly once a target has been hit and remind you to raise your stop/loss. We used the following methodology: On target 1 we took out 50% and moved the stop loss a bit above our entry. This way we left the chances for higher targets, locked in a bit of the profit and made the trade risk-free.

Each of the cryptocurrency trading signals came with a calculated risk factor, which is calculated by algorithms (it is a mathematical result based on volatility, volume, market, correlation,…). If this level exceeds specific numbers, crypto trading signals won’t be shared with the community to avoid unnecessary risks. In the past, Crypto Addicts often spread many signals with relatively small targets. This has been happily improved very much. The amount of signals has been reduced, the targets widened, so it is not 100% scalp action. This reduced their accuracy from the high 80s to low 80s but should turn out very positive on the profits.

Each trade came with technical analysis and/or a fundamental based reasoning. Crypto Addicts make also use of an AI to source signals. This AI gives also calculated risk level – once the overall trading environment becomes risky, we can see the AI rates the signals with a risk level of 4.3 and above. They don’t post these signals officially then but inform their community. Crypto Addicts invested in the development of an Auto Trader for Binance, which is semi-automatic and takes all the manual trade setup from you. The bot kicks in, ask you if you want to take the posted trade, you confirm on your smartphone and it is replicated. This takes much time pressure off your shoulders and is very convenient.

There are also signals on low volume coins, which have to be placed manually or have to be bought at market price if you want to do it with the bot.

Signals Example

Crypto Addicts Signal
Crypto Addicts Signal

And here is the result of this trade. Please note how target 1 has been put in relation to stop/loss, so you have good minimum RR even with T1 alone.

Trade Signal Example
Trade Signal Example

The Results

As given in the review above, the success rate was quite good, and the analysts behind this project are good and worth the buck. Considering the asked price for this service, it is amazingly cheap, and it is a perfect price. The number of available crypto trading signals has been reduced (and we welcome that), and they still set the targets realistically and swiftly achievable. The auto trader comes with a great tech behind and that makes it a pretty good option, as the trailing stop module can make you profit hard with their signals, if the targets are exceeded (when a coin just doesn’t want to stop pumping for example).

For verified live results, customers can log in to the dashboard (free registration) and see the recent trades.

CryptoAddicts invest lots of money to improve the tech. We liked in particular how important it is to them, to stay transparent with their customers. They offer a signal tracking dashboard, where you can conveniently monitor all their trades, which targets have been hit and the outcome in general. The link can be found in the fact sheet box below.

The Binance Auto Trader

Crypto Addicts are constantly evolving. They put much work into the development of an auto trader bot for Telegram, which makes the trade replication super convenient. All you need is your Binance API. There is a setup welcome pack, which will help you along their active support guys to get you started. The Bot on Telegram looks like this:

Binance Auto Trader Bot by Crypto Addicts
Binance Auto Trader Bot by Crypto Addicts

As I tested pretty much trading bots while researching the tech behind, I have to say Crypto Addicts have technically the best and most advanced bot to replicate trades in your account. The setup is easy and still gives you all the freedom one needs to configure it safely and let it run profitably. The Bot itself gets very often really good updates – it is unique and not just a bought script. We tested many auto traders on the market and this one has been the best tech we’ve seen so far. Especially the trailing stop loss feature can provide you with massive gains, as you keep your position as long as the price is rising. Good job!

The Smart BTC Bot

The Smart BTC bot by Crypto Addicts is quite a nice feature: You connect your Binance account per API to the bot, and he automatically scales in and out for you. Means: If the Smart BTC Bot thinks, Bitcoin is going to drop, he moves all available BTC to a stable coin. Once it sees chances for a recovery, it moves the stable coin back BTC. This way you can theoretically increase your BTC over time if the bot does its job right. Have a look in the comparison below, between the Smart BTC Bot and the Buy & Hold Strategy:

The Support

Once signed up I was contacted by one of their stuff, offering to connect with me via a call to make sure I understand everything and find all the support I need. What an excellent, engaged service – especially for new crypto traders. You have a real person at your site to understand how to use the crypto trading signals and to make the best out of your investment. The VIP chat is also constructive – I saw that each requesting member got their reply and updated for current trades or the overall market situation. Chat is pretty active nowadays and has well-knowledged traders who are ready to help. There is a second VIP available in French now if you feel more comfortable in this language. The signup bot is also very unique, you can see the process here:

The Critique

I observed how they did when Bitcoin was in a critical area, hovering over a vital support line. The acted accordingly, informed their members and used more conservative targets. What I like to emphasize is how smart they handled their orders and adapted to these difficult markets. They set more conservative targets than the most, which works out very well for their results. This is smart trading as we like it here – smarts money adjusts to the environment and still makes profits, while many others just lose it.
However, this also comes with a downside, if Target 1 is set with a very low percentage it is, of course, more likely to be reached. On the other hand, you will have to set your stop loss to entry immediately, because if the initial stop loss kicks in you will lose your profit and some more, finishing a trade with a minus even if target 1 has been reached. In the past, they had quite some problems: The bot had problems with the fill rate on low volume signals, the tiny target strategy did not work for everyone and their BitMEX service had a rocky start. The community reacted harshly. However, we have to see how hard Crypto Addicts worked to even everything out. They heard everyone out, took it by the roots and started working on the valid points of criticism. With the help of the community they ripened their product, so they can now offer something really solid. As I said, they are inventing new features all the time, trying to add more value to your subscription. However, I don’t know if I’d fancy being Beta Tester with live accounts until the ground work has been done.

What makes this channel unique? 

CryptoAddicts provide a comprehensive package of services and deliver with a super clean and professional setup – see the pros at work! What makes them unique is how versatile they adapt to the market situation and how they are constantly improving their range of crypto products. They took the community feedback serious and worked it all out from there. Looking at their roadmap, I can see some really interesting time coming up for Crypto Addicts, as well as for us customers. Crypto Addicts is truly a unique project with lots of pioneer’s spirit.


Crypto Addicts Signup PLEASE NOTE DOWN THIS DISCOUNT CODE:  smartoptions (current promotion: 35%!)

You can subscribe discounted to the service on this page or the bot.

  • Website:
  • Telegram Contact: Telegram Support
  • Awards: 2x Provider of the Month (September & October 2018)
  • Discount Code: smartoptions (to be used with their signup bot or with the registration here) - Limited Offer: 35%
  • Pricing:
    Crypto Addicts Pricing
    Crypto Addicts Pricing
  • Special Features:  Strong direct support, Best Binance Auto Trader Technology, Magazine, SMART BTC Bot, Great daily Market updates.
  • Exchanges: Binance
  • Auto Trader: Yes, custom solution
  • Results tracking: To see the recent results, simply create an account. They will be visible within the dashboard.
  • Signals with technical analysis: Yes, Tradingview charts are attached
  • Bitmex Signals:  Yes, a separate Bitmex channel available
  • Further Information:  Interview with Crypto Addicts
  • ICO Reviews: Yes, in the magazine sometimes
  • Magazine: Diamond Report Example(March'19)
  • Trading Timezones:  We saw most of the trade in the European trading session, but starting early in the Asian trading session.
  • Languages:  The channels are available in English and French
How the paid signal channel looks like: 

Crypto Addicts Signup Currently even a 35% discount code:  SMARTOPTIONS

You can subscribe discounted to the service on this page or the bot.


Crypto Addicts is a trusted Signal Provider
Crypto Addicts is allowed to use the TRUSTED PROVIDER SEAL

Removed Providers History

  • Blackstone Signals (communication & performance issues)
  • WhaleTank (performance issues)
  • Yo Crypto has been moved to the Bitmex post, as time has shown the majority of his ingenious signals covered margin trades on Bitmex
  • Rocket Signals (Stopped their service after bad partnership)
  • Cryptoland Elite (Signal copying, Shady marketing, Member kickouts)
  • Crypto Experts (Not enough quality/signals for the price)
  • Ashu’s Trading Channel (Performance)
  • Bitcoin Bravado (listed in Discord post)
  • Cryptonizers (temporary removal as restructuring)
  • Palm Beach Signals (Performance, internal team problems)
  • Hawkeye Signals (Pump and Dump, turned from a great channel into scam)

Crypto Signal Groups in A Nutshell

FeatureCrypto AddictsVerified CryptoInfoCryptoCryptomedicsFat Pig Signals
ExchangesBinance / BitMEXBinance, Bitrex, Kucoin, BitMEXBinance/BitrexAll ExchangesBinance, Bitrex
Signals with TAYesYesYesYesYes
Gems/Long-Term TradesNoNoYesYesYes, with Portfolio Analysis
Bitmex SignalsYesYesNo, but BTC analysis can be usedYesRarely
Portfolio AnalysisYesYesYesYesYes
Auto TradingYesYesNoNoNo
Live TradingNoYesNoNoNo
Educational ContentYesYesYesYesYes
Chat RoomYes (English/French)Yes (English)Yes (English/Portugese)Yes (English)Yes (English)
PricingFrom $75 to $112 / Month (-25% discount included)From 0.04 to 0.1 depending on plan and timeframe (-5% discount not included) 1 Month: $99 | 3 Months: $240 | 6 Months: $450 | 1 Year: $720 (-15% discount not included )From 0.06 to 0.54 (depending on plan and timeframe (-15% discount not included)3 months 1ETH | 6 months 1.5ETH | 12 months 2.5 ETH (-10% discount not included)


Free crypto signals telegram: As we wrote in the starting paragraph, there are barely free crypto trading signals to be found that you should trust. However, we found a few free gems, providing great performing crypto signals and also technical analysis. In fact, you can make quite some bucks with these freebies, and we are still members of these channels, besides the listed paid ones.

Are Free Crypto Trading Signals Any Good?

There are tons of free telegram crypto signal groups, and we did our research properly for you: we joined dozens of them to get it figured what happens in this scene and – oh lord – it was not fun to do that. The terrible spelling (“join my free segnals grup!”), the endless cross-promotions, the nonstop vibrating cellphone (until you muted the groups) and last, not least the often random appearing crypto trading signals, or stolen signals that hit you way too late and would give you a bad entry – a nightmare. Crypto trading signals on telegram are wild – be careful if you blindly follow the crypto trading signals you find there. As painful as it was to get hammered with the cross-promotion notifications by those free crypto signal channels, as delighted we have been to find two real gems in those groups, we will share them later in this post. In general, you can say, the good things are not free – it is simply like everywhere: You get what you pay for. There are no altruistic Crypto Signal Providers. There are free channels to

a) tease you to join the paid channel, and you will get only a fraction of the crypto signals and that most often delayed or

b) are Pump and Dump channels (nowadays often cloaked as “Pump and Hold” or “Short Term Signals”) that will exploit you and make you lose your funds very fast, as they need someone to buy the shitcoins once they want to sell it on the peak. The free crypto signal channels of our listed crypto signal providers above in this post don’t work with cross promotions (if so, we removed the link to the free channel), though they give only a fraction of the signals of the paid channels. Also, the paid ones had sometimes very profitable trades based on exclusive information and the best yield on profits. The free side-channels of the paid ones share their crypto signals often, when the price already increased a bit, so you can’t take full advantage of the signal or share only a small fraction of their signals. Free altcoin trading signals are not bad per se – but some channels playing games with this kind of offers (not the mentioned ones in this post).

Check out cryptotrendz signals telegram to get an impression of what I mean – before you ask: no, we don’t have a crypto trendz review available. However, as we spend quite some time also in other free channels, and created a small selection of free alt coin trading channels for you, that doesn’t plaster you with cross-promotions but give you a sneak preview of their premium channels or mostly share valuable technical analysis and general info with you. They are good and trusted by us, and you can find them in the bonus section at the end of this post.

Where to get the best free crypto signals?

Altcoin trading signals telegram: Here is a selection of the seven best free crypto signal channels we found. Free stuff, which is good is very hard to find in this field. Enjoy these guys, you can learn a lot from them, especially the technical analysts I linked are good teachers if you want to become familiar with learning to trade (first two in the list). The last free channel in the list made us some great gains recently, by the way.

Free cryptocurrency trading signals (UPDATED SEPTEMBER ’18 – GREAT NEW FINDINGS):

Things To Consider When Trading Signals

How To Use The Signals The Right Way:

The given crypto trading signals rely whether on technical analysis or on upcoming news/special information or the combination of both. Once enrolled in a channel you will get the signals in a format like this:

Example for a Crypto Signal on Telegram (Desktop Application Night Mode)
Example for a Crypto Signal on Telegram (Desktop Application Night Mode)

Let’s go through the signal above and explain, what it all means: At first, we see a small explanation of the trade and why they have chosen to take it. The majority of the trades are running against BTC if nothing else has been stated. The buy area is the price in sats where you place your buy orders. If you have 0.1 BTC to spread, you could set a buy order for 0.03 at 2350, then another one of 0.02 at 2330 all the way down to 2300. This way you are averaging your trade for the case the price drops further and gives you better entry price in the mean. You might have seen that I use odd numbers for the buy orders and you should do that as well. 2352 is more likely to fill then 2350 as most newbies will place buy orders at the bigger round numbers.

The invested amount/trade

One of the biggest newbie mistakes is it to go all in and to wish to double your account overnight. Slow & steady wins the race. So how much should you invest in each trade? We think that 5% of your total capital should be the maximum – and these 5 percent should be placed with averaging in mind. Example: You have 1 Bitcoin as equity. A cryptocurrency signal comes in with an entry spot at 0.0023475. 5% of your capital would mean to use 0.05 for this trade.  But we don’t place this order with 0.05 at this price. Instead, we spread 0.01 orders every 2-3% percent in a range of 10% below the entry price. We have 0.04 sat to spread in this zone. This technique is called Dollar-Cost-Averaging. In a very volatile trading environment like with cryptocurrencies, we have to expect that the price will move below fibs/pivot/support/whatever spots. This makes it advisable to spread your buy orders all over the place. The only annoying thing is that you will likely invest less than you actually wanted, but that is OK – better safe than sorry. The telegram channels we selected here have tested, working customer support. They should help you to apply a reasonable trading strategy for your funds/equity.

The Trade Targets

Here you have to decide if you want to lock in your capital longer, for higher rewards or are you more here for faster profits. T1, T2, and T3 are the target sell levels – the higher the target, the longer it could take to reach it. We like splitting 50%/30%/20%, but it depends a bit on how high the targets are. A great way to calculate the % to be sold at the short-term targets,  is the breakeven zone, so you adjust the percentage values that you reach your initial purchasing price, but still have something leftover from the purchased coin, so it becomes a risk-free trade. Simplified example to get you the basic idea: You bought 1 Bitcoin of VIBE at 3150 sats. The price jumps to 5500 sats and you sell VIBE in the worth of 1BTC to the market. You will still have VIBE in your account and are officially risk-free now. Another great technique is to sell 50% at your first target and move your stop-loss to your entry price – risk-free trade again, with profits locked in. If you want to automate the procedure of laddering in and out like described, we suggest the 3Commas Bot. Often you will find short-term targets, mid-term and long-term signals. Short-term signals are supposed to hit the targets within a few hours or the same day, mid-term take a few days to hit its targets, and long-term signals are meant to hold for up to a few weeks. Please note: We mention mostly three exchanges here. Binance, Bittrex, and Kucoin, these are the markets the providers officially committed to providing their analysis for, though you can use the signals also for example as Poloniex trading signals if they have the coin in their offering. Let’s move on to the best crypto trading signals telegram channels have to offer right now.

Valuable Altcoin Trading Tips / General Things To Know To Get Started

  1. Never go “all in” – diversify instead. If you subscribe to all the mentioned groups in this post, you should get plenty of signals that make sense. Use 1/10 of your available funds for each trades as a defined maximum.  Never invest all your BTC in one or two coins. Diversify your balance with *1/10. Remember to set stop-loss 5% below of your entry point at those unstable days. Always set a stop-loss at entry point after the price increased. Always sell 30-50% of your investment and set a stop-loss at 5-10% below after reach first target.
  2. Most traders would use the first sell target and sell between 30 – 50% of the funds that have been used in the trade. So basically, if you get three targets, you would set up three sell orders. Target 1 with 30 – 50% of your trade size, target 2 with 30 – 40% and target 3 with 10 – 30%. Keep in mind, that the higher the target, the smaller the chance that it will be reached, so if you don’t like to end up with a fraction of your investment as bag holder, you should maybe prefer a conservative route. Some of the channels we present offer sometimes signals based on special information, here it is advised not to be too conservative, as these crypto signals can explode to unbelievable heights.
  3. Dumps are likely to happen sometimes. You trade altcoins against BTC – this is risky per se, as everything depends on how Bitcoin moves. Bitcoin rushes, altcoins dump. Bitcoin dumps, altcoins dump. This is normal – the best environment for all crypto trading signals and crypto altcoin trading, in general, is when Bitcoin moves sideways. So be prepared for the dump upfront and keep 30% of your total funds in Bitcoin to be able to buy the dip and hedge yourself out. Don’t blame the signal providers for that, Bitcoin’s next move is difficult to predict, so they can’t foresee every upcoming drop. However, they will surely help you on the way up with good recommendations on what to buy in that particular dip.
  4. We mention if the provider’s signal works for leveraged trading on Bitmex. However, please keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are very volatile and there are risks involved in trading this way. Keep in mind that this is not Forex trading and due to the volatility, one should be careful with margin and leverage. Please ask yourself if this kind of trading is suitable for your trading account.
  5. Stop-loss or no stop-loss? This HODL question is highly discussed between cryptocurrency traders and is not easy to answer. Several factors have to be considered. Let us think about this for a bit: Generally, the gains you can make with crypto trading are pretty high – and that without using any margin or leverage as crypto itself volatile enough. This leads to the chance to trade without any stop-loss and protect your overall equity in the long run. Worst case scenario: Every signal you trade hits stop-loss – this decreases your equity slowly trade by trade and removes the chance to recover from the particular trades. Using a stop-loss implies one of the few opportunities to burn an account in crypto. On the other hand, this locks your capital – if you take some losses with stop-loss, you might recover from these with a few other trade signals. In a nutshell, I’d recommend adapting to the overall environment. First, I would not use more than 5% of my equity per trade. This will make you feel easier if the price dips. If you have to trade in bear markets, I would trade this 5 % only on coins that have strong fundamentals in the pipeline, check the socials, check the roadmap (also other facts for that coin can matter, check our review on these factors). If I see they have stuff upcoming, I decide to trade the signal without stop-loss, as there are chances to recover due to the news that coin/token will bring up soon. However, I then get out of the trade once we hit break-even and don’t risk holding it for more returns. In bull markets, it is different: If everything keeps going up and I am on one of the few coins that suffer, I use a stop-loss, as it makes no sense to keep my capital locked in there, as most of the opportunities go up. You see, you have to be like water, as Bruce Lee said – don’t be a stick, but see what is happening around you and adapt your trading strategy with it.
  6. How to use Cryptoping as an add-on with the signals? The cryptoping tech backend is pretty nice and -as an add-on- not bad. Its signals are nothing where I would throw money blindly on it, but if you can effort to load up a cryptoping coin, you can use it for confluence reasons and get a double confirmation. The cryptoping telegram bot is precisely that: a bot you can connect to your account after the first cryptoping login. This service monitors the crypto markets and notifies you when an asset gets an unusual amount of market action – so basically, nice add-on, though it needs human confirmation. You can check out the crypto ping telegram bot with a free trial, though you want to use it with caution.
  7. Should I learn trading myself? Learning to trade can be a long and painful way. From exponential moving average (EMA) or Moving Average to relative strength index (RSI) up to trading based on a neural network – it is a rabbit hole which leaves you lost if you pick some info here and some info there. If you want to achieve this goal and become a trader yourself, we would suggest going with one of the Signal Providers that provide a decent education pack within their service offering. Not all info on the web is correct, nor structured in a helpful way, which is why we suggest to get yourself a mentor from one of these providers.
  8. Can I just go for automated trading solutions? It depends. Of course, we all would love to earn money hands-free with automated trading. Today’s possibilities of machine learning algorithms should enable us to automate crypto trading, right? While we believe that this data can be helpful, we would not rely on it – we cannot trust our funds to a fully automated bot. In our opinion it is just a tool, that can do great work – along with a pair of human eyeballs in front of the computer to confirm the validity of the signal. Don’t let the wish for overnight riches make you enabling a bot buying and selling crypto currencies without your confirmation.

Crypto Experts Round Table:
Important Industry Figures Share Their View on crypto telegram channels

Yes, we are biased – with the channels above we had and still have good success with our trading. As you might know – we think emotions, subjective views and trading don’t go very well together, so we invited experts from the crypto industry to let us know their general view on crypto telegram channels and how to estimate the given signals. We invited the big names to drop us a line on this important topic and here they are! Enjoy the unbiased opinions by Crystal Stranger (Peacounts), Eric Kovalak (Vellum Capital), Maksym Nedobor (, Vikram Ramakrishnan (Quantlayer), Vyom Mahadevia (Cindicator), and Henry Stanley (ICOAxiom). Enjoy!

Crystal Stranger

Crystal Stranger
Crystal Stranger

Bio: Crystal Stranger, EA, author of The Small Business Tax Guide, has more than 14 years of tax experience, with a focus on international tax. She has been writing about Cryptocurrency tax and regulatory issues since 2014. Wanting to help her tax clients who struggled with regulatory compliance, she founded PeaCounts, a blockchain accounting Software Company building a revolutionary new payroll system using the token PEA. This new, transparent payroll will promote fair wages and eliminate the need for black market labor.

Crystal Stranger’s tip on how to estimate trading recommendations:

“I always try to look for numerous signals before moving into a cryptocurrency position. Cryptocurrencies, in general, have less fundamental drivers than technical signals when compared with stock investing.

The most successful investors I know switched over from Forex trading, as the fundamental drivers are pretty similar in being more economic and cultural. I like to see economic reasons for a move to buy in, for example, numerous publications releasing positive news stories about crypto on the same day. 

Also, holidays in big crypto-purchasing regions such as China or Japan can influence the market, and it is important to look out for patterns based on these certain times of the year. 

Right now the market is low, so many buyers are still on the sidelines. Timing the bottom is a loser’s game. When moving positions into the market, it is better to cost average your purchases in. Pick a day and time each week that the market normally takes a little dip and set a buy order for that time. This way you average out your cost of entry over several weeks to get a better overall price for placing your position.”

Eric Kovalak

Eric Kovalak
Eric Kovalak

LinkedIn Profile:

Bio: I am CEO and managing partner of Vellum Capital, a cryptocurrency and digital asset hedge fund based in Atlanta and Grand Rapids, MI.   My background is derivatives trading and quantitative research. I have completed extensive work with option markets, cryptocurrency startups, and venture capital. I have a BA in Economics and an MBA.

Eric Kovalak’s tip on how to estimate trading recommendations:
Price based trade signals are parametric – their indication is generally a static calculation from historical data. The signal may or may not be calibrated correctly, and the historical data may or may not have any value to tomorrow’s prices. A technical trader must have an opinion about the accuracy of their tool and the value of the data. Sometimes a signal tool will be too fast in a market and other times too slow. This is a good problem to be solved by a human mind which can easily infer fast conclusions from visual data (looking at charts). Estimating the value of market data can be more difficult. Many times people go deep into market microstructure in an attempt to find additional data points, but data often times records a unique situation in history.

Data problems may be best solved with a large data set and data mining tools which can more quickly find patterns and factors in history. Then the trader only has to determine if history is likely to act in a similar way in the future.  Generally, the best way to solve both of these problems is to gain robustness though simplicity. I’ve found large funds to use the 200 day SMA as a trade filter, rather than draw lines all over a chart so it ends up looking like a galactic battle plan.

Maksym Nedobor

Maksym Nedobor
Maksym Nedobor


Bio: Blockchain tech enthusiast. SMM director at Hacken OU ( My biggest passion is economic and technical aspects of blockchain technologies. Trader and investor in projects with real working products.

Maksym Nedobor’s tip on how to estimate trading recommendations: I rarely use crypto signals on Telegram; however, I have 3 main rules to which I try to stick to when trading with their help:

  • A signal must be technically compliant: if there is no analytics explaining why it’s high time to buy, I would never resort to.
  • The signal should not be in a form of “BUY NOW” but it necessary has to determine support level and growth target.
  • Quality and trustworthy signals aren’t free. In fact, I believe that only 1% of such Telegram channels is trustworthy. BUT! This 1 % is usually marketing or promoting one. On the other hand, paid signals is also an ambiguous point. The thing is that when you can trade and analyze the market, you don’t need to pay money for signals and pieces of advice.

Vikram Ramakrishnan

Vikram Ramakrishnan
Vikram Ramakrishnan


Bio: I’m Vikram Ramakrishnan, co-founder at QuantLayer, a crypto market intelligence company.

Vikram Ramakrishnan’s tip on how to estimate trading recommendations: We monitor sources like what coin teams’ admins are saying in their chat rooms, github commits which are examples of what code has recently been incorporated into a coin’s codebase, press releases that coin teams are putting out, and a whole bunch of other sources. 
There are a lot of signals which can affect a coin’s price movement. For example, we captured the latest admin chatter on VEN when they were talking about airdrops. VEN moved +40% after the admin team explained when they were going to be doing the airdrop.
Another example was SUMO, when its Github repository got pulled from Github due to DMCA violations. SUMO sold off 60% because people were worried about the reliability of the team. 

Vyom  Mahadevia

Vyom Mahadevia
Vyom Mahadevia


Bio: Vyom Mahadevia, Crypto Trader at Cindicator

Vyom Mahadevia’s view on tip on how to estimate trading recommendations:

There are two main types of crypto signal out there:

1) Signals based on technical analysis
2) Signals based on detailed fundamental research

1) Signals based on technical analysis:
– Short-term signals. Most of the paid 
signal channels give short-term signals without any explanation, and I tend to ignore them. An example of such a signal would be something like this:

[2018-03-24 05:38:08 UTC] >#ZIL (BINANCE)>BUY- 590>SELL- 680-750-795-840-880-940

I tend to completely ignore this type of signal as there is no basis or explanation for it. These types of signal might work in
a bull market where everything is pumping, but it is very unlikely to work out in a bear market like the one we are experiencing right now.

– Medium-term signals: These types of signal are usually accompanied by a chart with some form of TA on it. To my knowledge none of the signal channels do long-term forecasts: it’s either really short term or it’s a short/medium-term forecast. In this type of scenario where the signal is complemented by their analysis then I would recommend traders first conduct their own analysis. Once you have done your own TA with whatever method you use, you can then check to see if the direction of the signal is in line with your analysis. If it is then that would increase your confidence in the trade and then if the risk/reward ratio is good enough you could take the trade.

The reason I say check the direction and the targets from the signal is because the analysis itself could be based on a completely different method of TA so you don’t have to focus on that. You should stick with the technical analysis method that you are comfortable with.

2) Signals based on detailed fundamental research This is something that is more useful if the signal provider conducts legitimate research on a particular coin. There are so many coins out there and there are new ones that are coming out all the time so if you get detailed research reports on a particular coin then it saves you the trouble of having to spend hours researching it. This type of research is usually also supported by price forecasts. What I would do with this type of signal would first be to go through the report that they have published on a particular coin and see if it is worth looking into a bit more. If I find the coin interesting enough for a long-term investment then I would look into it further and conduct my own research but it does help to weed out coins that aren’t worth spending too much time on.

Henry Stanley

Henry Stanley
Henry Stanley


Bio: Henry is CEO of 

Henry Stanley’s tip on how to estimate trading recommendations:

There is no signal that will 100% accurate, you will have to do your own research, you’re not able to just make the trade and forget about it. It has to be closely monitored. As for if the signal is good to enter, the only thing you can do is review past performance of the signal provider, see if it makes sense, see how accurate they were previously, maybe view other signals from traders, see if they have the same viewpoint, over time as you get better trading crypto you will get a better feel for trade signal. It is something that is learned with experience. An additional tip, risk only the amount of money you can afford to lose and watch the trade closely if it does not work out as expected then close out the trade and limit your loses.

A Warning: Be Careful With Shady Signal Groups

Unreliable, shady persons push random crypto signals and promote the ones that ended in profit in endless circles of self-adulation – even if the overall performance sucks. Even worse are Pump and Dump groups – some of them state that they are PnD, so at least you know that you are jumping into a significant risk for your capital. Others pretend to be serious altcoin telegram groups to lure you into their scheme – of course, they are the only ones that will profit at the end of the day. However, how does one know a telegram crypto signals group is a scam when joining it? Check out the trades they suggest, if they recommend some shitcoin and you open it on Bittrex and see already a large green candle, it is usually already pumped and is likely to die right after you bought some of it. Bad spelling and grammar, the permanent use of rockets, moons and $ signs are added indicators. Be careful those groups often use little pseudo-news to make you think it is legit.

Paid Crypto Signals Leakage Groups

You might come across some advertisements for groups which steal other groups crypto signals and offer them summarized for a low price in their channel, or even worse re-sell it in a signals channel as their work. Of course, this will give them – and you as a buyer – bad mojo over time, but there is more why you should not fall for this scam. If you think about giving those scammers your money to support their content-theft scheme, you should think about the following:

  • You will get the crypto signals with a delay, and timing can be crucial. They have to copy and paste it. They have to be around in time, as they never know when the next signal is going to be posted. So it can take hours until you get the signals, probably too late.
  • You miss out many extras, like personal support. What if a trade didn’t work out well? The providers in this post can show you ways out of the trade with techniques like hedging. You are entirely on your own if you use a leaker channel.
  • Crypto transactions are not reversible. One can offer all signals from all big groups in one place for 0.1 eth – sounds like a perfect offer right? However, why should they give you anything? The “seller” is an anonymous nobody who can just set a low price to convince you and exit – Crypto transactions are not reversible, you risk your capital with such purchases.  The providers we list here, are the ones with a reputation, they have to lose something. Crypto signals leaker channels not – they move on and open the next one.

About Telegram

This post contains only crypto trading providers that operate on a chat platform called Telegram. This paragraph shall clear things up, for those that are new to the concept of the app and want to know how to join signal telegram channels. The cloud-based messenger app enables you to create an account with a sim-enabled smartphone and lets you chat with your contacts (similar to Whatsapp). Your account is tied to your phone number, so you cannot open more and more accounts randomly. While the chat protocol offers “secret chats” with end-to-end encryption, the usual chat runs unencrypted, cloud-based on servers across the world. Besides the chat feature (which you can also use for contacts, not in the contact list of your smartphone and e.g., find in a chat room), you can create telegram channels, which feed you with pieces of information like used for the signal telegram channels in this post.

If you want to join, you enter with a custom telegram channel link; the channel owner will provide you once you signed up. If the channel owner posts something you get a notification (in our case for a signal) – these notifications are gladly highly customizable. Paid telegram groups will let you pay the fee first and then send you a link to join which expires. Alternatively, the channel owner might add you directly to the group if your security settings allow it. The channel search enables you to find old posts if you want to check the outcome.  Many providers offer telegram group chats for the sake of transparency and to build a community around their channel. Most have free telegram groups and channels available, as well as hidden groups for their Premium or VIP members, which you cannot access directly. Also here you get a group invite link after you signed up, which we encourage to do – often you can gather valuable contacts or find additional information, as well as direct support. While Discord in comparison attracts many scammy projects, Telegram is much better in this manner. Telegram is available for iOs, Android, as Windows/Mac app and accessible per web platform.

Final Words For Your Crypto Trading Journey

We hope you enjoy this small selection and found a good cryptocurrency telegram group for your needs. There are hundreds of thousands of channels out there, which makes it hard to find the right crypto trading telegram group for you. While many of them are a scam, we can vouch for these here. From our in-depth research, this has been the most promising and if you follow the crypto signals, don’t overreact if the price sometimes dips and hold until targets are reached, you will have excellent chances to make a decent profit with these signal providers. Always remember: If BTC runs or drops, no signal provider can help as this affects mostly all the altcoins. There is just one way out – HODL and AVERAGING until bullish and adapt your stop-loss strategy as I described above. That being said, keep in mind that everyone can have great stats for given crypto signals if we are in an alt season. The specific thing to determine if a group issues good Binance signals or not is if they hit bottom once Bitcoin makes big moves. Only this situation shows in the long run if a provider is a good one to go with. In some cases, it is better to hold back with crypto signals and observe. Please note that we continually update this post with providers. We remove and we add providers per their performance and behavior to their customers. Our goal is to show off the best groups for crypto signals and especially altcoin signals and make them accessible for you, though the provider market is very dynamic – if we see the performance of crypto trading signals dropping, we might remove groups anytime.

The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram
The Best Crypto Signals Channels on Telegram 29
The mother of all crypto signal reviews. Constantly updated, fresh information about the best signal providers for unleveraged altcoin signals on Binance, Bittrex, and other exchanges
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  1. Hello Sandeep Here

    joined universal crypto group,

    let me tell you the honest review , its just a useless group i have even seen in my life, i don’t know why smartoptions gave him #1…. even he did not deserve #100 …

    Saviour Stratagy – he will post a signal with the buy range of 15-20% difference and will tell you to buy now and if it goes down then buy more so like the way buy untill -10% and fill 3-4 orders and then use -15% stop loss ….so it become -25% from your first order and if it goes 3% profit then sell your portfolio so is it make sense you are taking risk of -25% for only 3% gain…..and he commit to hit all targets above 50% or 100% if he confident on his work then why he is selling at 3% of gain……..and now he deleted my comments , if anybody need proof then i will show ……i will recommend infocrypto than this Saviour . saviour ….. Mr. saviour first go and read some fundamental of Maths ….don’t make fool people

    • Sandeep, thank you for your feedback!
      May I ask how long you follow Saviour? I agree his strategy is different from others, though it is a successful one. The ranking right now is created by accuracy.
      His results are real. His success rate is real. He delivers for a really cheap price – it is definitely a very good channel in my opinion, as his analysis and findings on altcoin trades are impeccable. I just checked back the history of his signals and there have nowhere been entry ranges like stated by you in the comment above. Please check your facts before you start hurting other people’s reputation with false claims. Deleting comments is a no-go for me. I will ask and invite Saviour to this post.

    • Hey Sandeep,
      i just saw your comment but i am NOT agree with you
      i am following Saviour since June 2018 and i did not find any issues like you mentioned.
      Regarding entry , its like 5-9% difference not 15-20% as you mentioned,
      regarding stop loss , its -10-15% maximum below the average price ,
      regarding targets , as far my knowledge and experience in Saviour’s channel his most of calls achieve final targetwhich is 60-100% above the upper buy zone just you need some patience as you can not be rich in a day or month..
      his first targets is like 4-9% which is most of times achieved within a day. It does not mean that you should sell all amount at first target..
      i think you are having less experience in his channel and you should take at least one month experience to come to any conclusion.
      so your facts mentioned are totally invalid..
      For me , its the best channel and i made profits in bearish market also with his strategy which makes him unique..

      good luck,,

  2. Hey steve , Very nice and useful article .. thanks for that..
    I think you are missing some great channels in this list. i would say that you must test ‘Universal Crypto Signals PRo’ channel and ‘Bitmex saviours ‘ channel . they are doing really nice work. They are having higher accuracy than your listed channels so you must try it on. i rarely saw a failed trade since last 3 months in his channels..

  3. I’m a big fan of this website, and I found Margin Signals (the Aussie guys) thanks to you. I wanted to vouch for Blackstone margin signals; I found them when I was doing my own research for Bitmex margin signals. The trader Mike focuses mainly on the bitmex ETHUSD pair and he explains his trades in detail and updates regularly. It’s like watching him trade over his shoulder. I’ve learned a great deal from this channel. The only downside is that for his style, he recommends you have a decent amount of BTC to start.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  4. Hello Chris,

    Thank you for your message.

    Indeed, for several months now, we have been offering a 1-hour trial to allow visitors to discover our services in an objective way.

    We are sorry if you could read somewhere that it was about a trial lasting several days (Feel free to tell us where, so that we can make the changes).

    Feel also free to contact me in person if you have any questions.@cryptoaddicter


  5. Hey Steve. Checked out addicts website. They offer a 3 day tryout, but no response on that. I got a hold of Julien to see what that was about. He pointed me towards the telegram bot to get the free trial. It was for 1 hour. Not much to see with that. So I asked again about 3 day again. They said they would adapt indeed but no word on what that means.

    Anyway considering signing up but that type of vagueness bothers me a little.


    Thanks, Chris

    • Hey Chris,
      all I know is that they are currently in the process of changing the structure of their plans, as they have to make things work with their signup bot technically I believe this is the reason.
      The request might just have been lost as I know recently they are very busy to improve things and make them even better.
      I will ping them for you and I am sure you will get a reply soon, as they are usually top-notch in supporting folks.

    • Hey Chris,

      I just re-confirmed it – it is correct, there is only a 1-hour trial to get a sneak peak of their service, checking old signals, see the level of support etc. The 3 Day trial has just been offered for a week or so but was practically hard to manage.

  6. Wow this is an amazing article..
    I keep it simple and just use this straightforward alerting bot:
    It doesn’t do any TA (I do that myself), just percentage/static price movements. But what’s cool is that it also detects new coin listings.

    Seriously, amazing work on this article!

  7. Steve, I would agree. I know they are pretty close to having their Bitmex bot completed, or so they say, so maybe that will make the Bitmex signal group worth joining at a later time. As of now though, I would save my money. In the month I was a part of their Telegram group it did seem as though they were knowledgeable about the crypto space and they acted professionally. I guess it’s why I was so disappointed when I joined and found that it was near impossible to make any profit in its current state. I may look at their signals again once their bot is finished and people have tested it in real-life trading scenarios. Thanks for the response.

    • Hi Michael,
      yes, when I tried their Bitmex Signals, I had no problems to get in on the test net, but it is not the same to do this live. I’ve read about some problems some users had, hence I am hestitating to publish my results in the Bitmex Signals post, though I will observe. Their tech is great, and I am sure their bot will be a killer. I will update the post here once the Bitmex bot is ready.

  8. Hi Steve. Read up on crypto-addicts. Seems like a good option.
    How would you say their bitmex signals stack up?
    I bought Yo Crypto to try out. Just getting nerve up to start with his signals.


    • Hey Chris,
      The addicts are great for Altcoins.
      Their Bitmex service is not yet mature imo and needs bit of improvement to be profitable. The signals itself are good, but it is yet hard to get in. They are about to improve it and might have it ready soon, but right no I’d advise to be patient with yo crypto, they are really great!

  9. I would have to say the Crypto Addicts (at least the Bitmex signals) is not worth the investment. While they may boast a very high winning %, even if you get their signals right away, you can almost forget getting into the trade in time. Their bot is way too slow to allow folks into trades before they’ve already reached T1. And forget about trying to enter a trade with post only to save on the high Bitmex fees. If you market order, you still lose on the trade at T1. I am not the only one who has complained about this. I would try a different signal provider.

    • Hi Mike,
      looking at their Mex signals I have to agree currently, hence we did not list them yet on the Bitmex post for now. However, their team knows about it and are in the fine-tuning process to better this situation. The trades would make good money, but are often played on alts – these have a lower liquidity on Mex and fill much slower than XBT orders, which makes it difficult to enter. Let’s see what the future brings.

  10. Extensive list and a great article, I have used some back in april and may but wasn’t really satisfied with the results. Probably because i am doing something wrong. I can’t wait for something truly automated and backed by machine learning and AI.

    • You know what is strange? That we got an email offering exactly this (automated, machine learning, AI) right after your comment. Bad thing is, I don’t believe in those strange coincidences.

  11. Hi Steven, great article! I think there are more signal groups now based on the crypto telegram directory.

    Care to review the other signals groups on there when you have a chance? I’d be curious to see what your thoughts are on some of the new signals groups! 🙂

    • Hi Tom,
      thank you for the request.
      Well, we check really many many channels – they all want to be the biggest and the best.
      However, mostly they are very disappointing (and total garbage tbh). Never let the subscriber count dazzle you. There are really just a handful of channels that are straight honest and real companies. Here are the best ones I have found, but I won’t stop my research.

  12. Greetings Steve,

    Thank you for your detailed review. I agree with the list and am considering one of them.
    My favorites are WhaleTank and CryptoMedics among the listed. Their signals are quite effective and they update their signals as the market moves. Even suggests how much you should sell in percentage at a given or immediate time.
    I am quite attracted by WhaleTank’s website, the platform is quite inviting and well made although it seems unfinished (at least in Free Account view).
    Another in the list I very much like is Crypto Addicts, their Diamond Reports and the Excel Calculator are very impressive and they also give good signals, and very precise. Usually their 2nd targets seems to be attained.
    The others however gives rarely a signal, if none at all, but they do give a lot of news and information on which Cryptocurrency we should follow or are recommended to invest.

    I tried a couple of others (Crypto Trading Coach and Crypto Trading Guide) but they are frauds I believe, as their signals are given at the end of a pump with no real detail or heads up. Mostly they give you signals to buy at a certain range which are at the end of the pump and also their lowest targets are always 20% to 30% above the the attained target.

    Most of the times they signal you to buy really bad coins with almost no market movement except downwards.
    I am amazed that they have over 120k followers given the fact that their signals are rubbish.

    • Hey Daniel,
      thank you for your valuable feedback!
      We have been part of hundreds of channels to generate this post – I can say, without a doubt, these 5 have been the best and most unique. The frauds you detected, are just to be ignored, honestly. Never let the member count give you a wrong impression, most of them are bought anyways. These are the true gems. I would, however, not underestimate Infocrypto. These guys had an INSANE success rate in this bear markets. But yeah, all of them have a special twist in here, depends really what exactly you wish to find with your selected channel.

  13. Hi Steve, thanks for your in depth review. I utterly enjoyed it and may try one of the paid channels soon.

    Id like to know how XXX stacks up against the channels in your review. I am part of the free group as well as the investment group and i am considering the paid group but since reading your review would love to hear how they compare to the others in your test. Would you consider testing them?

    • We had them listed once in the past, but delisted as they provided only talk and no actions anymore. I can’t say what they are doing today, unfortunately.

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  • Get unbiased well-researched & merciless coin reviews
  • Grab trading education, our market updates and cryptocurrency news!

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